The Carissa Connection - DVD
48 Minutes, Three Models

Carissa Montgomery thought she'd pulled off the perfect scam with co- conspirators Cali Logan and Eden Wells, but time would prove her wrong!

Heartless gold-digger Carissa drains the bank accounts of a sick old man, then basks in the sun while savoring her coup with Cali and Eden. Payback awaits her, however, when the revived oldster surprises Carissa in her bathroom; after roughly binding the bikini'd beauty and thrusting a black cleave in her mouth, he dumps his struggling captive in her bathtub! The salacious senior can't resist baring Carissa's amazing boobs and briefly tickling the naked soles that she's unwisely draped over the edge of the tub before going after Cali!

Carissa's hot little girlfriend is getting a drink in the kitchen when retribution finds her! Trussed into a web of black rope pinning her to a chair and gagged with a white cleave, Cali strains wide-eyed and fearful after her colorful bikini top's pulled down to reveal her perfect orbs.

Carissa's vengeful victim angrily demands the location of the money she's siphoned from him; when she haltingly replies that Eden has the offshore banking connections, he's willing to wait for her return as long as Carissa and Cali wait with him. For his prisoners, however, waiting means standing side- by- side naked, bound and crotch-roped! Tethered to a china cabinet and gagged with duct tape wraparounds, the intimidated congirls twist in their bondage and endure further humiliation when the bitterly humorous old man presses them together breast-to-breast!

The hours continue to pass in misery for Cali and Carissa after they're retied on the floor in grueling face-to-feet positions; their nemesis then vents his rage by forcing them to suck each other's toes! After enjoying this novel abasement of his false lover and her partner-in-crime, he re-gags them and them to sit with their legs tied around each other's backs; a tether linking their breast bonds brings Carissa and Cali nearly face to face.

When Eden finally returns, she's confronted by a stunning sight: Cali and Carissa are seated on a coffee table naked, trussed up and ball-gagged! Under the circumstances, it requires only slight encouragement for Eden to relinquish the financial information sought by Carissa's former mark. Once Eden's finished blabbing, she's ordered out of her clothing and joins her friends in bondage; as a final tribute to Carissa and her coterie, the spirited senior hogties the trio, leaving Carissa and Eden propped on the table and Cali on the adjacent couch!

ID #: HH-77
Price: $25.00