Knotty Couples - DVD
52 Minutes, Twelve Models

Dane is horrified when he returns to the office he shares with the sexy Jamie Lynn and finds his partner trussed to her desk and gagged! Before he can comprehend what is going on, Dane gets another surprise when the intruder demands him to get on the floor! When the intruder departs with stolen data, the embarrassed co-workers work hard to free themselves!

When they return, the villain grumps that Cali Logan was no use, so both are bound and gagged after Cali strips naked and Lance to his underwear; despite the lotus ties, the pair squirm close to each other and go after their wrist ropes. Caught in the act, they're then linked together.

When Lena Shelby rejects Gunnar's demand that they engage in bondage play with another couple, the big bully ties and gags her and crows that she'll soon have company in captivity. He's correct that there'll be a bound and gagged couple, but mistaken about the identity of the victim, who turns out to be him! Now trussed up in his underwear and ball- gagged, indignant Gunnar kneels on the couch facing bare- breasted Lena, while the treacherous couple takes pictures and mocks the unhappy pair.

At a corporate retreat, Cassie Laine and Harvey are teamed up for a trust exercise that seats them in bound and gagged proximity on a low wall outdoors. Told that they'll be judged on how well they co-operate, the two captives struggle side-by-side as they attempt to communicate through taped lips. After they fail to loosen each other's wrist bonds by turning back-to-back, they enjoy more success when Cassie slips out of her pumps and picks at her partner's wrist ropes with her bare toes.

Crime must be rampant this time a year because Kimberly Gates and Johnny are victims of a burglary and are also trussed up! The unlucky couple are bound in their undies and their mouthes tape gagged shut!

Chad and Erika Jordan were at work when they were surprised by a criminal couple who invaded their office. The man had just broken his girlfriend out of jail so after Chad was tied to the chair and gagged, the gangster girl stripped Erika of her clothing and trussed her up on top of the work table. After the intruders left, Erika began to pick away at Chad's bondage with her toes but progress was slow!

ID #: CC-39
Price: $25.00