Bondage: For Her Pleasure Or Yours - DVD
53 Minutes, Eight Models

Along with her beautiful face and dazzling body, Layla Sin also possesses an inquiring mind so when she wonders about the erotic potential of bondage, Layla's determined to experience ropework restraint. Spreadeagled to her bed with a crotchrope nudging her pussy, Layla twists and arches while moaning sensually through a ballgag in a display of vibrant satisfaction with the outcome of her experiment!

Their sizzling nude tryst takes a dire turn for Charlotte Stokely and Ashlyn Molloy when an intruder them to lie face down on the bed, then binds their wrists, breasts and ankles, hitches their bound bare feet to the wires of the headboard and gags them with duct tape! Charlotte and Ashlyn squirm on their stomachs until they're raised onto the hips, tethered waist-to-ankle and roped to the headboard where they twist side- by-side in their bonds.

She's a petite girl wearing only bra-and-panties but spunky Lauren Clare's not shy about ordering her bum of a boyfriend out of the house. Unfortunately for Lauren, he's bigger, stronger and supplied with rope that he uses to truss up the little spitfire on the edge of the fireplace. Tape-gagged Lauren murmurs vehemently as she sits and wriggles but her resistance is curbed when her feet are lifted off the floor and rope-linked to her waist; her soon-to-be-ex bares Lauren's breasts for a last look, then leaves her propped against the fireplace's wooden framework.

It's a complete mismatch: Cassie Laine's petite naked body entwined with over one hundred feet of braided brown rope in an immobilizing ball-tie as she sits in stark solitude on top of a dining table! Her black tape-gag muffles Cassie's meek pleas for release as she undulates hopelessly in the web of rope where she's been seated until the wide-eyed captive lands on her side.

No shower for wide-eyed Cali Logan; instead the towel-clad brunette stands cornered and helpless, her small body contoured under the towel by lengths of knotted rope! Cleave- gagged Cali wriggles her way onto the floor, where she first kneels, then curls up in whimpering submission after her breasts emerge from their rope-and-cloth cocoon.

Bedtime for Abigail Mac and Celeste Star is just beginning to warm up when it's rudely interrupted and the two snuggling girlfriends are ruthlessly bound with black rope and to kneel next to each other. Linked to the headboard, Abigal and Celeste eye each other fearfully and murmur through the mouth packing and semi-transparent tape covering their mouths as their breasts and pussies are exposed. Not yet satisfied that Abigail and Celeste are thoroughly subjugated, their captor hogties them and leaves them arching and moaning on the bed.

ID #: FB-388
Price: $30.00