My Prisoner In Bondage: Gigi Allens - DVD
43 Minutes, One Model

The man in the white hoodie's back and he's got plans for the bare breasts and naked feet of Gigi Allens!

Statuesque Gigi's a breathtaking sight in tight leather pants and top, but her captor's much more interested in what lies beneath! Once Gigi's curvaceous black- clad body is subdued with strategically-knotted white rope and her cries muffled with duct tape, he exposes her breasts and pulls off her shoes. As Gigi writhes desperately on a couch, the predator roughly gropes her breasts, sucks her red-nailed toesand tongues her wrinkled soles!

No clothes for Gigi when she's tied backwards on a wooden chair, her legs spread open because her ankles are tied separately to the chair-legs. Gagged with a black cleave, the busty nude captive whimpers pathetically when the evil man stands behind her and casually helps himself to handfuls of her rope-framed breasts!

Poor Gigi undergoes a chilling ordeal after she's to lie back bound on the floor with her long legs lifted perpendicular to her body and secured overhead. Her world turned upside down, Gigi squeals through a white tape-gag and tugs futilely at the ropes pinning her hands beneath her breasts while the cruel tormentor ices her suspended soles! To compound Gigi's misery, he dumps a pile of ice chips on her chest, then steps back and enjoys her contortions.

Freed from the icy assault, Gigi's subjected to an unpleasant new predicament when the naked beauty's hogtied on a dining table! The twisted rope that links Gigi's crossed and bound ankles to her chest and wrist restraint raises her bare soles high and vulnerable as the wide-eyed prisoner arches and murmurs through a white cleave. His insatiable desire for Gigi's breasts leads the madman to tilt her onto her side for yet another groping session!

Gigi's day of fearful humiliation ends with the trembling girl kneeling submissively on her bed; once again gagged with duct tape, Gigi apprehensively eyes the man who's mastered her while he tweaks her stiffened nipples for the last time! Before walking out of Gigi's life, he tethers the waist rope to her ankles and leaves her rolling on the bed, frantically straining against her bondage.

ID #: PB-04