Dangerous Diva Binds Bare Breasts - DVD
56 Minutes, Four Models

If Dangerous Diva could leave fingerprints through her gloves, they'd be all over the breasts of four bound and gagged beauties!

It's a familiar scene in Dangerous Diva's stellar career: An empty safe and a bag full of swag! But those who know the Diva won't be surprised to learn that behind a nearby screen, she's stashed a prize to celebrate her latest score with -- it's bosomy Carissa Montgomery squirming tied and tape-gagged in a short blue nighty! After she heard suspicious sounds from the living room, Carissa left the safety of her bed and hot girl-friend Jasmine Caro to investigate. Of course, it was the Diva at work and Carissa was swiftly subdued; now, in the aftermath of her successful theft, the cat-suited villainess adds rope to her captive's writhing body, massages her eye-popping boobs, tickles her tender soles, then leaves Carissa in a bind while she goes off in search of fresh prey!

The Diva's target, naturally, is sweet Jasmine, whose deep is interrupted by a nightmarish figure who duct tapes her mouth and ropes her into astonished restraint before she's fully awake! Delighted to uncover and manipulate such ripe breasts, the Diva introduces Jasmine to a world of humiliating domination the fresh-faced girl had never encountered before. Once she's temporarily finished with the whimpering prisoner, The Dangerous One tosses Jasmine on her stomach and tethers a pair of delicate bare feet to the bed's headboard before returning to Carissa.

Carissa and Jasmine are reunited but they're not having nearly as much fun as they did under the covers! After confiscating their clothing, the Diva perches the unhappy couple on a pair of stools and tethers them to a stair railing. Four bound and bountiful breasts once again attract the mischievous marauder's attention but she also amuses herself by tickling their soles and producing peals of cleave-gagged laughter. Always happy to share her enjoyment of helpless naked girls, Dangerous Diva slyly promises Jasmine and Carissa that she'll be sure to alert law enment to their plight as soon as she leaves!

If Kimberly Gates and Emma Storm had been more discreet about their neat little scam they might have become well-to-do young ladies. But after Dangerous Diva learns of their blackmail scheme, these naughty young ladies will join the legion of the poor but dishonest. Kimberly's the first to encounter the Diva and predictably succumbs to her rope wizardry; trussed up and gagged with a coal-black cleave, the luscious Latina squirms on a couch in her captor's evil embrace while they await Emma's return. The lustful Diva passes time pleasantly by teasing defenseless Kimberly's tits and toes but she's eager to get her hands on Emma, the clever girl with the incriminating DVDs! Studious but sexy, Emma almost loses her horn-rimmed glasses when she finds her roped-up co-conspirator; by the time the Diva's finished with her, Emma's kneeling bound, gagged and barefoot while the catsuited punisher teaches her who's the boss.

A narrowly materialistic thief would have been out the door as soon as she relieved her victims of their tickets to wealth. But people mean more to the Diva than money -- if they're the kind of people who cause pulse-pounding arousal when their naked bodies writhe in rope! Kimberly and Emma fit that description to a T, so once they're bare- skinned, tape-gagged and crotch-roped, their predatory captress toys with them before leaving the sadder but wiser extortionists in a precarious face-to-face kneeling position!

ID #: DD-25