Grab and Bind: Maya Gates - DVD
Three Models, 55 Minutes

Hours of terror for Maya Gates began when a sadistic thug broke into her home, beat her aged father and tossed him in the closet as Maya froze in terror! Before she could recover, Maya was writhing gagged and bound on the floor, listening in horror while her diabolical captor taunted the old man with unanswerable riddles! Later stripped naked and hogtied, Maya strained against her bonds even as she angrily sensed how much he delighted in her helplessness. Eager for release, Maya had no chance to escape when her tormentor untied her, then led her outdoors, where he roped her on the side of the hill behind her home! Maya shivered as the cool air caressed her naked flesh, but the relentless man quickly pushed her vulnerability to a ous peak! Bound to a post at the top of the hill, Maya whimpered through her gag as she tasted the fear on her tongue like a sour wine!

But fear and desire may blur in the mind of a woman like Maya, for when her captor finally freed her, she laughed along with him at the perversity of the game they'd just played -- or was she simply protecting herself from his unpredictable danger? Where Maya Gates is concerned, things are not always what they seem to be!

Paris Kennedy's encounter with Ashley Edmonds was brutally one- sided at first! Small and slender, Paris was no match for the powerful Ashley, who easily subdued her and expertly restrained her! Bound and gagged over and over at Ashley's whim, Paris writhed pathetically against the tight ropes cutting into her flesh. Near tears, Paris lost hope for release as Ashley sneered at the awkward strainings of her hogtied and anked body! But precisely because she seemed so meek and unthreatening, Paris finally lulled Ashley into complacent carelessness, then to a humiliating reversal of fortune!

ID #: KD-27
Price: $25.00