Dressed For Business, Bound For Trouble - DVD
47 Minutes, Six Models

Lena Shelby was a lazy and light-fingered office-worker but when she's terminated, Lena pins the blame on conscientious colleague Abigail Mac. To drive home her vengeful message, Lena invades Abigail's bedroom and overpowers the smaller girl; as tape-gagged Abigail kneels bound and tethered on her bed, the bitchy blonde yanks down her jumper and toys with her breasts! Lena also entertains herself by tickling Abigail's pantyhosed soles, then gleefully turns her cell- phone's camera on the vanquished innocent.

When she challenges her man for financial misbehavior, petite Sophia Taylor's unceremoniously trussed up, tape-gagged and abandoned in a second- floor room. But behind the immaculate facade of her business-wear and stylish pumps, Sophia's one gutsy chick, which she demonstrates by painstakingly working her way down the staircase despite the ropework handicap! Once she's near the front door, Sophia kicks off her heels and attempts to open it by manipulating the doorknob with her stockinged feet. Sophia believes she's succeeded when the door opens but, to her bitter disappointment, it's her nemesis returning! Hitched to the stair-railing, the courageous young executive will have to wait a bit longer for her freedom.

Those huge brown eyes, that flowing black hair, those lush red lips: It's difficult to believe that lovely Carol Luna, so demure in her business-like attire of jacket, blouse, skirt, hose and heels, is actually a cunning web hacker! And also a tenacious one, because Carol was exposed once before and disciplined with bondage humiliation -- and it's about to happen again! Once more, a camera will catch the anguish in Carol's eyes, this time as she writhes bound and bare- breasted in her office chair. Her lips spread by white cloth and black cleave and her legs spread to gratify panty-hose peekers, Carol appears to understand that she can't escape retribution for her wrongdoing...or will she need one more disciplinary intervention?

Cherie DeVille gets a nasty surprise when she walks through the door of her home and into the unfriendly arms of a hooded thief! Hogtied with her own pantyhose and gagged with several windings of colored cloth, Cherie wriggles on the floor until the creep returns with a supply of hemp rope she'd acquired for bedtime play! After folding Cherie into a web of the unforgiving hemp, he slips the antique gold necklace off her neck and leaves the shaken woman wriggling in rope.

Ambitious malefactors pull off a creative caper when they whisk away a wealthy man's wife (Carissa Montgomery) AND mistress (Jasmine Caro), then promise to return either or both for a modest payment! While they nervously await their man's decision, Carissa, flashily clothed in a sleeveless top and short skirt, and Jasmine, modestly dressed in blouse, skirt and pantyhose, remain roped to chairs side-by-side. When their blindfolds are removed, the romantic rivals at first eye each other with disdain, but as their apprehension grows, their antipathy wanes and they struggle rhythmically. Gagged with duct-tape, Jasmine and Carissa murmur futile protests when two impressive pairs of breasts are exposed to their leering admirers.

ID #: SB-120
Price: $30.00