Grab And Bind Of Whitney Westgate: The Education Of A Bondage Slave - DVD
48 Minutes, One Model

Wide-eyed innocent Whitney Westgate receives an advanced course in ropework submission from gypsy mistress Lurline!

Her wrists and arms already bound and her lips sealed with duct tape, Whitney's dragged into the room by a hooded henchman, who ties her ankles and pinionss the unwilling bondage princess to a purple throne with several coils of rope! After he slinks away, Whitney struggles desperately, then watches in disbelief when blonde gypsy Lurline arrives, casually unbuttons her blouse and fondles her rope-framed breasts! While she caresses Whitney's orbs with a multi-tailed domination device, Lurline happily informs her captive audience of one that she's been selected for training as a bondage slave!

No more clothing for Whitney, but plenty of rope for the hapless naked novice! Lurline encircles her prey with the final coils of rope that confine Whitney in a ball-tie, then answers her pleas for release with strips of duct tape pressed over the frightened girl's quivering lips. Whitney's toe-tied bare feet receive plenty of light-fingered tickle attention from Lurline, who encourages her to exert all the energy she can muster to resist the ropework's embrace -- but the gypsy's complacent smile reveals her confidence that Whitney will still be seated on the platform when she returns.

Whitney's journey into bondage becomes even more challenging when she mounts the bondage horse; roped into a kneeling position with her legs spread apart and her wrists tied above her head to the wooden post, Whitney mouths a ball-gag as Lurline gropes her breasts! But the fun's just beginning because the cunning gypsy brings ice-chips into play against the warm flesh of Whitney's nude body. Up and down the defenseless subject's frame, from her soles to her nipples, Lurline strokes the ice against Whitney with chilling effect; turning enthusiastically to her crystal ball, the gypsy forecasts a long future in bondage for her prize pupil!

Another new experience in subjugation materializes for Whitney as she kneels on a bed in a web of black rope, one of which neatly spreads her pussy-lips! Gagged with white tape, Whitney murmurs pathetically as the tireless gypsy woman toys with her, then gets serious by stinging Whitney's bare soles with a bastinado session. No bondage education would be complete without a hogtie, so Lurline flips Whitney onto her stomach, raises her legs and hitches them to the ropes surrounding her torso; once again, sensitive foot-bottoms feel the slap of a leather crop.

It's almost time for Whitney to receive her degree but first she must pass the final exam: Her arms and legs widely separated, Whitney lies gagged and spreadeagled, her protests more muted now as she begins to accept her destiny. Lurline treats her to foot-worship by sucking the toes of her left foot, then brings the intensive course in submission to its culmination by tying a vibrator snugly against Whitney's pussy, flipping the switch and allowing the plastic soldier to do its duty! How well has Whitney learned her lessons -- there's only one way to find out!

ID #: KD-78