Grab and Bind: Bridget Kelly - DVD
45 Minutes, Three Models

"People will surprise you. There's a young lady living in our neighborhood named Chantel Osmond -- real pretty and very pleasant, almost shy. We'd had a few brief conversations after she moved in but the other day she had a real hair-raising tale to tell. Seems just the day before, she was getting ready to leave for work when a man and woman broke into her house; turned out he'd escaped from prison with the help of his girlfriend, name of Bridget Kelly. Well, poor Chantel almost fainted, probably imagined all sorts of terrible things happening. But they just tied her to a chair and gagged her, then the con went off to work out something more permanent in the way of a hideout. Bridget was left in charge of Chantel -- guess he figured this tied up, terrified gal was no threat to his plans.

That's when things got strange. Chantel said she started to get more angry than scared as she sat there. Bridget kind of laughed at her, said she was going to steal some of Chantel's clothes since hers were worn out. That got Chantel even angrier so she worked away at her ropes and finally managed to get loose. Well, Bridget was in for one big surprise! Chantel said she wrestled with Bridget, got the best of her and tied HER to the chair. But that wasn't good enough -- she said she was so angry at Bridget that she wanted to pay her back several times over! So she tied her up a different way in another chair, then even made her balance barefoot standing on some big thick book while Chantel mocked her, finally tied her on the floor in the kitchen.

And when the crook came back, she dealt with him too. Chantel was getting kind of excited as she told me her story -- talking faster and faster and her face was getting a little bit flushed when she told me how good it felt to tie up and gag Bridget and make her feel scared and helpless like she was at the beginning. She said she was really glad it all happened because she found out things about herself she never would have in the ordinary run of living. Like I said, people will surprise you."

We think you'll agree that Bridget got pretty much what she deserved, but poor Reina's another story. After promising to help finance a fading actor's film project, starlet Reina decided that she couldn't afford to throw away her money on such a longshot. But when she gave the bad news to her colleague, he snapped! Seizing and binding Reina, he made a spur-of-the-moment decision to hold her for a ransom that would bring him the cash he needed! Stunned to find herself a hostage, Reina grew even more fearful as her captor descended into madness and began to treat the bound and gagged beauty as the star of his phantom film! While Reina struggled in bondage, she was terrified that there would be no escape from this madman's demented world!

ID #: KD-23
Price: $15.00