Adventures In Wrap Bondage - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

A spiral of pink and black patterned tape coils around Sophia Knight's luscious plastic-wrapped naked body as the blonde Brit balances barefoot, then lies tape- gagged and futilely squirming on the floor!

Black's the theme of Jamie Lynn's encounter with wrapping, from the black PVC spiral securing her voluptuous plasticized physique to the black tape muffling her protests. Later freed from their plastic confinement, Jamie's bountiful breasts sway while she writhes on the floor.

Cherie DeVille wears a shimmering coat of silver duct tape that completely covers her body from ankles to shoulders; Cherie's also gagged with duct tape that muffles her gasps while she resists her mummification whether standing or undulating on her back and stomach.

Secretary Lauren Kiley takes an uncomfortble work-break when she's mummified to her chair with silver duct tape from ankles to chest; there's plenty of tape left over for Lauren's gag. A vigorous struggler, bare-breasted Lauren continues to kick up her shoeless feet even after the chair's tipped over on its back.

It's accurate to say that Kristi Snow's pretty in pink because that's the color of the tape wrapping her body and sealing her lips, but the quality of Kristi's energetic resistance against her cocoon is red hot, not pale pastel!

Alternating swaths of black and white tape layer over the plastic that confines the nude body of wide-eyed Ellena Woods! After standing uneasily for several minutes, Ellena lies squirming in frustration on a couch.

ID #: WR-66
Price: $30.00