Mr. Bike's Damsels - DVD
Five Models, 58 Minutes

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods! Starring Hannah Perez, Aidra Fox, Daniela Lubov, Alexandra Belle and Vivie Delmonico with Jon Woods

Hannah Perez portrays the spy "Mata Hana" in this steampunk-inspired adventure. The gorgeous agent is trapped by the villainous Mr. Bike, and she's ballgagged and bound hand and foot while he ransacks her dressing room. The dark- haired beauty makes a failed escape attempt, so her captor subjects her to a strict hogtie before spiriting her back to his lair. The captured spy decides to tell Mr. Bike what he wants to know, but he uses his fiendish vibrator device on his helpless guest anyway, then prepares to intercept the adventuress, Lady Aidra Fox. The feisty brunette refuses to divulge her secrets, so she's tied, gagged and given the vibrator treatment as well. Will Mr. Bike succeed with his evil plot?

The story is followed by a sneak preview from the next season of "Go Hostagettes!" New squad members Daniela Lubov and Alexandra Belle and chair- tied, barefoot, bandana-gagged and exposed by the mysterious bad guy holding them in bondage. Then Vivie Delmonico is "Twice Tied" for two vignettes. First the statuesque beauty is ballgagged and roped to a sofa to show off her amazingly long legs. Then Vivie is cleavegagged and progressively tied her lacy red lingerie.

ID #: JW-68
Price: $30.00