Bondage Conflict - DVD
57 Minutes, Seven Models

Cat-burglar Lena Shelby needs a quick change of costume, so she decides that Charlotte Stokely's stylish blue dress is the answer! Of course, once Charlotte's been persuaded to part with her dress, Lena must bind and gag her unwilling clothing donor -- and after Lena gets a good look at Charlotte's naked body subdued with rope, she tarries for some R&R! Lena's recreational interlude understandably dismays Charlotte, who moans through her knotted cleave while the malicious visitor, now wearing her dress, teases her vulnerable breasts. Tempted by the sight of Charlotte's elegant bare feet, Lena places the tethered nude package into a window-seat so she can test her ticklishness before making her exit!

A stark contrast between black and white ensues when Sara Liz, napping on a lounge in see-through white lingerie, is subdued by a nightmarish black- clad invader! First pressing duct tape over Sara's lips, the hooded figure orders the dazed girl onto her knees and ties her hands behind her back before winding more black rope above and below her breasts -- which he callously gropes after baring them! Down on her stomach goes Sara, so that her ankles can be secured, then black coils circle her thighs and link to her wrist bonds! The long-legged beauty squeals as her heartless tormentor rakes her ultra-ticklish soles, then twists in utter futility after her legs are tied down to the back of the lounge!

Exquisite brunette Layla Sin makes a big mistake when she invites rowdy blonde Kristi Snow into her home! After overpowering her hostess, Kristi stands behind tied and tape-gagged Layla, who balances uneasily on bare feet and squirms while the nasty guest pinches her nipples! Hard- working Kristi spanks hapless Layla's bottom after adding a crotch-rope, then punctuates her domination by hogtying her innocent prey and tickling her soles!

This time both blonde and brunette wind up in a bind when Carol Luna and Lexi Lohan are interrupted during their topless bondage play! Uninivited Voyeuristic visitors savor the sight of luscious dark-haired Carol and buxom fair- haired Lexi both writhing bound and tape-gagged on their bed; their struggles become especially arousing when the toe-tied and wrist-to-ankle-tethered girls whimper as they roll breast-to-breast!

Clad in an amazing black body-stocking, sleek blonde huntress Allie James pays a late night bedroom visit to adorable little Eva Sedona! Once she has the petite raven-haired nude securely trussed and tape- gagged on the edge of her bed, lustful Allie delights in toying with Eva by fondling and licking her breasts and mouthing her tiny bare feet! Pushed onto her stomach, Eva squeals while Allie turns disciplinarian by spanking her round bottom and tantalizing her soles!

If Allie thought she'd seen the last of Eva, she was in for an unpleasant surprise! After calling in a favor from a formidable friend, Eva relishes the welcome sight of the indignant dominatrix wriggling in a cross-ankle hogtie on the very bed where Allie had humiliated her! Eva wastes no time getting payback by crawling on top of Allie to squeeze nipples that protrude through the body-stocking, then gleefully smacking her ass and fingernail-tormenting her fabric-veiled foot-bottoms. When Eva takes a break, Allie strains desperately against the taut ropework but she's out of luck.

ID #: FB-398
Price: $30.00