Danger at the Diner: Grab and Bind: Gia Mancini - DVD
62 Minutes, Two Models

Appearances can be deceiving and outcomes surprising even if motives are quite ordinary! When tough rope- sorceress Claire Adams invades a diner, then swiftly binds and gags frightened waitress Gia Mancini, she's simply on the prowl for a few thousand in receipts. But to Claire's predatory eye, Gia's face seems familiar -- could she actually be the eccentric heiress whose disappearance left her family in a state of shock? Sensing that Gia might be her ticket to really big money, Claire unties the girl's legs and takes her to a hideout that she shares with a partner!

Ungagged, Gia vehemently denies that she's a rich girl but Claire's not buying her denial. Re-gagged and left hogtied on a shabby mattress, Gia struggles desperately while Claire and her henchman leave their lair to unfold the plot that they hope will climax with a fortune in ransom money! But their plot soon collapses and Claire begins to believe that Gia may be merely a waitress after all! So the criminal duo devise Plan B: they know of a sinister underworld figure who would pay handsomely for a pretty girl like Gia who could be "exported" to his overseas associates! Glamorously dressed and made up, Gia's bound and gagged once again in preparation for a visit from her prospective owner; using length after length of rope, Claire spares no effort to transform her captive into a beautiful helpless heroine! But Gia's not as defenseless as she seems! Resourcefulness, intrigue and treachery pit characters against each other in unexpected twists that bring just deserts for all!

ID #: KD-19
Price: $25.00