Models In - DVD
54 Minutes, Six Models

Worried about a friend's disappearance, Lena Shelby visits the model agency where she was last seen. But sinister agent Charlotte Stokely thwarts Lena's quest, which ends with the courageous girl bound to a chair in her bra and panties! Once she's silenced Lena with mouth-packing and a black overmouth gag, Charlotte toys with her struggling prey; later, shameless Charlotte bares and fondles Lena's breasts after switching to a cleave-gag.

Charlotte's domination of Lena continues once the hapless girl's pinned with multiple coils of rope to a wooden post in the garage. Lena's eyes burn with indignation while Charlotte gleefully teases her squirming body, but the arrogant schemer's in for a shock! Betrayed by her bosses, Charlotte kneels trussed and topless on a chair facing Lena while both whimper through their twisted white cleaves!

Chloe Amour used to enjoy spending time in her kitchen, but that was before she was ordered out of her bra and panties, then perched naked in bondage on top of her kitchen island! Cleave-gagged and roped into a ball- tie that grows progressively more oppressive, the beauteous brunette squirms unhappily, aware that her elevated position has left her pussy starkly exposed!

Sara Liz loses her dress but gets to keep her strappy sandals when an unsympathetic character entwines the long-legged nude in a rope web linked to overhead rings! Teetering on her sandals, Sara rotates unpredictably, her eyes pleading above the translucent tape covering her cloth-stuffed mouth; a mischievous crotch-rope accentuates Sara's awkward predicament.

Zayda J puts her imagination to work as she kneels on her bed and fantasizes that she's been bound and gagged! Zayda's eyes widen in dramatic reaction to the braided tan rope coiled over her short white gown and she moans while mouthing a knotted cleave-gag. The dark-haired dreamer's emotions become even more intense after her breasts are bared and she rolls onto her side; Zayda's fantasy concludes when she writhes on her stomach and kicks up her legs so her bare feet rise close to her hands!

As she kneels naked, bound and ball-gagged on the bed, exotic doll Anissa Kate looks apprehensively around the room. The reason for her concern soon becomes apparent when that sinister black-hooded figure appears and makes himself at home by wrapping his hands around Anissa's full breasts and tugging on her crotchrope! Securely restrained and tethered to the bed's headboard, Anissa's powerless to resist an incursion that also tantalizes her ticklish bare soles!

ID #: FB-399
Price: $30.00