Bound Topless, Gagged Tight - DVD
51 Minutes, Seven Models

The room is almost empty except for a few pieces of furniture -- and a pair of alluring naked playthings writhing under the eyes of a pitiless villain! Voluptuous Summer Brielle and her slender girlfriend Amanda Tate kneel face to face; bound and tape-gagged, the whimpering girls press their breasts together at the cruel man's orders! When he's done with his fun, the brute leaves Amanda hogtied on the floor with Summer tethered on her side nearby!

Prinzzess Felicity Jade usually craves attention but she could do without the kind she's receiving now that she's writhing in bondage high above the floor on a kitchen counter! Naked, rope-bound and gagged with shining silver tape, the feisty Prinzzess remains defiant as she twists onto her hip but the toe-tied beauty's attitude deflates after she's hogtied!

Luminous Carol Luna takes a circuitous bondage journey that begins as she stands roped and cleave-gagged in her long dress against a wall. Moved to an armchair, Carol thrashes energetically when he feet and breasts are bared; at one point, the vibrant girl lies across the chair arms with her legs stretched out almost as if she's trying to levitate her bound body!

Relaxing on her bed in bra and panties, curly-haired brunette Khloe Krush is unpleasantly surprised by a hooded evildoer! Although Khloe vigorously resists, the implacable intruder binds her hands behind her, gags her with duct tape and exposes her breasts! After winding rope around her chest and hogtying her, Khloe's unwelcome guest leaves her struggling on her stomach while he wanders around the house.

Seated on a red couch, bound with white rope and gagged with a black cleave, lithe blonde nude Alexa Johnson is the highlight of a colorful vignette she can't be expected to appreciate. Alexa's murmured indignation grows louder when she's rolled onto her stomach and herlong legs folded into a hogtie so that her size-9 bare feet rise above her rope-snared wrists!

Veronica Rodriguez is the Queen Of Drool! She's also a petite and very appealing Latina, but it's the volume of moisture flowing past her ball-gag that's truly extraordinary. First standing naked and bound with black rope, Veronica later sits in a window seat hobbled by a waist-ankle tether; whether standing or sitting, she's one squirming, soggy sweetheart!

ID #: FB-404
Price: $30.00