Bondage Discipline For Knotty Couples - DVD
51 Minutes, Twelve Models

The massive loot retrieved wasn't enough for the intruder and while he searches for more, he leaves Cali Logan (completely nude) and Lance (still in his boxer briefs) struggling in bed, roped to each other, head to foot!

Carissa Montgomery is tough enough to dom Aaron, but she's no match for a stronger mistress who strips her to her undies, then sticks her ultra-busty rival in the corner efficiently roped and tape-gagged! It's definitely not Aaron's day because when he shows up, he gets the same kind of treatment, but at least enjoys the experience of struggling up close and personal with Carissa before he's dragged away to be the slave of her enemy!

Johnny, an obsessed ex-boyfriend, holds Chad in bondage waiting for his love to return. When Sara Liz comes home she is bound next to Chad as Johnny plays with Sara, exposing her breasts, tickling her, while Chad looks on powerless to defend her!

A fun night out on the town has been delayed for Chanel Rae and Buck. Instead of being in the club, the well dressed couple will have to make do with dancing in ropes on the couch!

It's been a rough night at KB and Ashley Rose's place -- bad guys on the premises have tied and tape-gagged the couple, who roll around desperately on the floor in search of an escape route!

Carol Luna is enticing in her bustier, denim skirt and boots but the tied and cleave- gagged girl's eyes are wide and panicked because she's being used as a pawn in an ugly game! When Jay arrives he's also bound and gagged by a ruthless enemy!

ID #: CC-42
Price: $25.00