Bondage Dreams - Ropework Reality - DVD
48 Minutes, Two Models

Bree Daniels and Jade Nyle discover that the line between fantasy and reality may be easily crossed!

Jade rushes into Bree's bedroom when she hears her housemate calling for her, then listens as Bree breathlessly recounts a nightmare that depicted both girls in bondage! First Bree, hands bound behind her and gagged with a black cleave, was dragged into their home office by a hooded thug who coiled more rope around the little redhead's chest as she knelt on the floor, tied her ankles together, then dumped her on a futon! Bree struggled for only a few moments before the menacing figure brought Jade into the room and repeated the process to which her friend had been subjected! As the dark fantasy unravelled, Bree and Jade huddled together on the futon, their breasts bared and stockinged feet tethered close to their hips!

To Bree's surprise, Jade confides that she too has recently suffered through a bondage nightmare! But hers was even more menacing: both Jade and Bree stood naked, trussed and crotch-roped under the spell of a villain nearly identical to the menacing figure in her friend's dream! But this evil-doer was even bolder: While the ball-gagged innocents squealed, he fondled their breasts, maneuvered them chest to chest and pushed them forward to challenge the ropes that linked their chest bonds to metal rings above their heads! He finally relieved Jade and Bree of his presence -- but only after stringing their ball-gags together so they drooled face to face!

Shaken by their bizarre dreams, Bree and Jade try to kick back the next day and erase the vivid imagery from their minds but then comes a knock at the door! Bree answers and shrinks back in horror when she encounters the dreaded figure who's troubled their ing hours; now she and Jade are trapped in a waking nightmare! Bree's permitted to keep her jeans and Jade her jean shorts but both are deprived of their tops before the intruder perches them tied and tape-gagged on the edge of their kitchen table! Predictably, the ruthless figure escalates their restraint by hogtying them on the table and adds a few mean- spirited moments of tickling before savoring the bare-breasted girls' desperate struggles!

Bree and Jade usually enjoy entertaining their guests but they're shocked by the show that this mysterious figure requires of them! While Bree lies naked on a lounge, her hands roped above her head and ankles tied wide to spread her legs, Jade must fondle her breasts for the hooded man's shameful pleasure! But there's worse to come: After a vibrator's tied to the inside of Bree's thigh, Jade unhappily presses the buzzing rod tight against her clit while her tape- gagged friend moans her way to orgasm!

Turnabout's fair play but the merciless nightmare creature puts a quite unfair spin on the situation when he discovers that Jade is unusually flexible. To her dismay, the sweet brunette finds herself stunningly contorted on the lounge, her legs tied behind her head, wrists and ankles inescapably hitched together! In this position, Jade's pussy is blatantly displayed but as a warm-up to the inevitable finale, their despicable visitor first commands Bree to suck her housemate's toes and lick her soles! Then it's finally time for Bree to wield the plastic phallus between her friend's legs; eyes fluttering and body trembling, Jade soon spasms her path to climax!

ID #: HH-84