Bound Up Beauties - DVD
52 Minutes, Seven Models

Delicate blonde Ellery Corin discovers that she has uninvited visitors when she returns home and walks into a handgag by brunette burglar Phoebe Queen! Once Ellery sits tied up and tape-gagged on the floor, Phoebe takes time out from her illicit activity to fondle the bound girl's breasts, then to pull off her sandals and tickle her bare feet! But when Phoebe gets back to work, resourceful Ellery has time to prepare a surprise of her own!

Phoebe's considerably less troublesome once she's naked and trussed up with the ropes she used on Ellery! Now she stands uneasily as Ellery smooths tape over her lips and can do nothing but wriggle unhappily when the vengeful homeowner tweaks the nipples on her luscious breasts! After spanking Phoebe, Ellery folds her onto the floor where a waist-ankle tether holds the vulnerable nude's feet in place for fingernail payback; Phoebe writhes vigorously in her hip-tie when Ellery leaves to call 911 but the blonde's bondage refuses to budge.

Whitney Westgate's a sweet but very unlucky young woman, which is why she's seated on her couch efficiently tied up, a cloth gag between her lips and wearing nothing but her panties! It's her good friend and housemate, light- fingered Aria Spencer, who's the cause of an angry man's visit to Whitney's home; when Aria returns, she receives identical treatment after leading the intruder to the cash she "borrowed" from him. While he scours their dwelling for more valuables, Whitney yanks loose the rope linking her to the couch and attempts to free Aria with her bare toes; their courageous effort ends in failure, with Whitney twisting on the floor and Aria tethered on the couch!

Rule #1 for cute blonde ingenues: Don't defy Amazonian dominatrixes with phrases such as "You're not so tough!" They have a tendency to respond with drastic proof of their ruthless superiority, as Ashley Rose demonstrates on Lena Shelby's rope-restrained body! Lena bitterly regrets her foolish challenge to Ashley when the lustful dom teases and mouths her breasts, then pulls down her panties while tape- gagged Lena stands whimpering! Ashley then tosses her plaything onto a couch so she can tantalize Lena's bare soles befoer leaving her to squirm.

Cameron Dee's on the run from the unpleasant people who bound her upper body and wrapped a microfoam gag over her mouth but neglected -- on purpose? -- to immobilize her legs! The busty nude searches desperately for a way out of her predicament but this damsel's is just beginning; when her captor catches up, Cameron's hoisted onto a table with her ankles tightly roped to the leg. But her plight's not oppressive enough for one of the onlookers, so poor Cameron assumes a position she'd hoped to avoid when she's hogtied on the table! Arching gamely, the bewildered blonde has no idea how satisfying her struggles and curvaceous bare soles are to her admirers!

It's alarming to wake up and find yourself lying facedown on a bed, hands tied behind your back, ankles bound, and lips sealed with tape -- oh yes, and you're also naked! That's the perplexing situation in which feisty little Staci Carr finds herself; Staci expends plenty of energy thrashing around on the bed until it seems that a rescuer has appeared. But Staci's about to be bitterly disappointed: This is no hero, but another evildoer, one who transforms her bondage into a hogtie that compounds Staci's frustration but does enticingly display her toe-tied bare feet!

ID #: FB-409