Bad Boys Bound And Punished - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

Spreadeagled on a bed in his shorts, Harvey protests his plight to Cassie Laine but receives a ball-gag in return for his complaint. While Harvey twists and grunts in captivity, Cassie crawls around the bed enjoying his as her tiny feet caress his face and body. Leaning over him face-to-face, Cassie torments Harvey by bringing her perky breasts inches from his lips, then pulling them away!

Bree Daniels needs to teach Jeremy how to act like a gentleman on their first date after he gets grabby so she hogties him on the coffee table and sticks her feet in his face.

Stripper cop Georgia Jones does a number on client Pedro after seductively assuring him that he'll enjoy her performance even more if he strips down to his boxers! Pedro allows Georgia to cuff his hands behind him and tape his mouth, which turns out to be a major mistake on his part! Georgia Jones does offer Pedro an elementary lap-dance by teasing him with her boobs and bottom, but then departs with his laptop and other valuables after hogtying him!

Kimberly Gates reveals a naughty streak when she punishes boy toy Johnny! Once Johnny's gagged with a sticky tape and securely trussed, there are no more obstacles for Kimberly's inquisitive fingers and the cold ice cubes she uses to torment him!

Exotic dancer Sara Liz is hired to entertain Chad; but when he starts getting grabby, she convinces him to allow her to tape him up so they can play sexy games. Of course, once he's tape-bound, she teases and dominates him!

Mark Paul gets turned on watching a provocative program on the tube and begins to imagine a steamy encounter with the lead character, a sexy Sorceress! But when Sorceress Keira Kelly hijacks Mark's fantasy, the muscular young stud is shocked to find himself stripped to his underwear and struggling in bondage while Keira toys with him!

ID #: MIB-99
Price: $30.00