Charlotte Stokely Pussy Bound - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Naked, bound and gagged, Charlotte Stokely welcomes you with open legs!

Lovely Charlotte's wide blue eyes stare in amazement -- and why not, because their owner's pinned to a large red leather chair with her legs frogged and spread! Charlotte strains against the prolific ropework without success, while a knotted black cleave seated between her vivid crimson lips muffles her angry comments.

Astride the bondage horse wearing nothing but a multicolored minidress, Charlotte's resigned to her spread-legged destiny. Ankle and thigh ropes hitching her on the horse assure a pussylicious perspective when Charlotte's dress is raised; wardrobe adjustments also allow her nipples their time in the sun! Charlotte's lush lips and the mouth stuffing they cradle are showcased by a transparent tape-gag.

Bedtime for Charlotte as the willowy blonde heroine lies on her back, wrists tethered wide to the bed's headframe. Her ankles are tied together at first, but it's not long before her stay-up-stockinged legs are spread once more and tied down. Gagged with duct tape, Charlotte whimpers and writhes intensely from side-to-side!

Charlotte's world is turned upside down when she's bound facedown on the bed, her legs spread by ankle ropes to the lower bedposts. The Stokely snatch looms large beneath her bouncing bottom as tape-gagged Charlotte's legs raise against her bonds and retains its allure after those legs are frogged thigh to ankle!

Roped to a chair, spreadlegged and blindfolded, Charlotte emotes with conviction as a DID. The struggling nude's permitted to speak her piece but then her blindfold's removed and a microfoam gag seals her lips! Chairbound Charlotte protests noisily against her humiliating plight but no one appears to rescue this hapless heroine!

ID #: HH-90