Naked Bondage Superstars - DVD
42 Minutes, Six Models

Bondage subdues five bare-skinned beauties, plus one (Ryan Ryans) whose lingerie malfunctions!

Whitney Westgate was worried when she found the apartment door open but she didn't realize how much trouble she was in until she saw housemate Chloe Amour edging her way down the staircase naked, bound and gagged! Once Whitney's out of her clothing, she joins Chloe in bondage; both lovely brunettes sit at the bottom of the stairs, held apart by ropework that links them separately to railings! Despite their tape- gags, Whitney and Chloe attempt to communicate and also contort as they try to loosen each other's bonds.

It's never enjoyable to be awakened from a sound by a hand over your mouth, but for Anastasia Black that's just the beginning of a shocking experience! Rope-bound and cleave-gagged, the long-legged nude sits tethered to the bed's headboard and writhes vigorously until those legs are spread apart and tied down for maximum pussy exposure!

The giant armchair should have been a place to relax for Ryan Ryans, more enticing then ever in frilly white top and panties; instead it's the location where her beautiful body lies bound with ominous black rope! When Ryan dares to swing her feet onto the floor, she's returned to the chair tethered wrists-to- ankles on her knees! Breasts bared and panties pulled down, Ryan can barely move as she murmurs through the black cleave between her lips!

California cutie Lena Shelby's not bedbound but she's restrained with similar results on a wooden chest; Lena's being held as collateral while her boyfriend scrapes together the cash to pay off a debt to an impatient lender! Naked Lena's ankles and knees are tied together at first, then her legs are spread to a ninety-degree angle while the cleave-gagged heroine nervously eyes her surroundings!

Buxom blonde Anikka Albrite wears nothing but the rope that secures her wrists, arms and ankles as she sits tethered to the edge of a couch. Anikka's eyes flash above a microfoam gag as she strains against bondage that becomes even more restrictive when she's rolled onto the couch and hogtied!

ID #: FB-417