Ryan Ryans Pussy Bound - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

Naked, bound and spread, Ryan Ryans is a spectacular heroine in jeopardy!

Seated on a wooden chest, Ryan squirms in bondage that frames her breasts in taut and symmetrical ropework and pins her ankles together! The nude beauty's eyes are wide above a white cleave-gag, but they become even wider when her ankles are tied separately to either end of the chest and knee ropes intensify the opening of her legs!

Ryan lies tied back on a lounge, her hands secured above her head and ankles roped off to the side. Duct tape soon seals the lips of our contorting heroine, whose pussy is stunningly displayed. Ryan's exposure is elevated when her ankles are raised nearly vertical and tethered to rings high overhead!

The venue's a massage table but the experience won't be a relaxing one for Ryan, who's pinned on her back by seemingly endless coils of rope. Gagged with mouth stuffing and semi-transparent tape, Ryan pulls gamely against the tether holding her hands behind her head and arches bare feet tied together at the ankles. The beleaguered beauty's surprised by an adjustment that bends her legs into a diamond pattern and vividly highlights her nether lips!

Ryan's a compellingly expressive subject of interrogation after she's starkly bound to a wooden chair; when she refuses to divulge information she's ball- gagged! Her ankles ruthlessly tethered to the back of the chair, Ryan glances desperately from side-to-side and twists energetically, but the rope web fails to loosen, leaving the spread-legged subject humiliatingly vulnerable!

Yet another rope network subdues Ryan, who's sitting uncomfortably at the bottom of a wooden staircase and whimpering behind a tape-gag! Two separate ropes hitch Ryan's knees separately to stair-railings while a third snakes nastily down from her breast bonds through her pussy! Bound and bewildered, Ryan kicks her legs back and forth without any impact on her restraint.

ID #: HH-91