Bound And Gagged Men - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

Sexy safe-cracker Cherie DeVille is finishing off a job when she's interrupted by security guard Logan Pierce. Unfortunately for Logan, Cherie's a tough gal who gets the jump on him and manages to tie him up, tape gag him and rub her feet all over is face.

Jay isn't as "Smooth" as his name suggests. After boasting to a heartbroken ex- girlfriend about landing a date with a reality-TV star, Jay learns what it means by the saying -- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Angry about his insensitivity and ability to move on so quickly, she shows up unannounced and tricks him into bondage then waits for the camera crew to show up! Jay struggles against the ropes in his suit and tie as his muffled calls for help go un answered.

Curtis finds himself bound and gagged by a strange woman who makes fun of him and places a large sombrero hat on his head to make him feel like a helpless fool.

Travis is throughly gagged with cloth stuffing, a cleave, wrap-around plastic and duct tape! The poor guy is left to struggle in his bare feet!

When Dolph double crossed Ashlyn Jameson and went to the media about her secret escapades with a high ranking official, Ashlyn was furious. She threatened to fire him but she knew if she did he would simply tell all of her other secrets. So she came up with a better way to deal with him. She tied him up and gagged him to keep his mouth shut!

Ryan McLane is skeptical that girlfriend Chloe Amour can actually subdue him with bondage so he allows her to tie him to the bed. What he couldn't have guessed is that Chloe's a cute girl with the soul of a tickle crazed dominatrix! Once Ryan McLane is bound and gagged, tickle crazed Chloe Amour teases him with her luscious naked body, tickles him unmercifully and finally makes him worship her bare feet!

ID #: MIB-100