Scams, Plots And Girls In Knots - DVD
45 Minutes, Seven Models

Phoebe Queen's innocent looks hide a scheming brain that hatched a plan to impersonate Erika Jordan by tying and gagging her rival, then hiding her so she could carry out a shady deal! To Phoebe's disgust, however, the crooked character she sought to scam propels her into bondage next to Erika on the bed! Each neatly attired in blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels, the ball-gagged little grifters snarl at each other as they squirm in ropes -- but there's worse to come! Not satisfied to just walk away with a valuable antique, the malicious thug can't resist humiliating Phoebe and Erika by baring their breasts and leaving the stocking-footed pair tethered on their knees to the bed's headboard!

After walking into the middle of a burglary, petite Goldie Cox is placed on a couch in rope restraint, her voice stifled by a microfoam gag. Though she's been warned not to cause trouble, the spunky little blonde refuses to take her bondage lying down, so she maneuvers off the couch and wriggles to the front door. Caught by an annoyed burglar, Goldie loses her boots and her blouse is pulled open to expose a pair of perky breasts; tethered barefoot on her hip, Goldie continues to strain against the restrictive ropework long after the bad guys split!

Anastasia Black looks lovely in her flowery blouse, short black skirt and gleaming pumps -- but her dark eyes are fearful because she's kneeling on a bed, her lithe body bound with braided rope and her lips sealed with microfoam tape! Rope-linked to a chain overhead, Anastasia soon writhes barefoot and bare-breasted on her knees until her oppressor lowers her into a hogtie that the courageous girl battles unsuccessfully!

Word on the street suggested that alluring business partners Chloe Amour and Whitney Westgate were in possession of plentiful cash and jewelry. When a brazen thief decided to verify the rumors, Chloe in her tight blouse and skirt, and Whitney, in her pin-striped suit, soon sat trussed to chairs and gagged with duct tape! After tossing their home and finding little of value, the pissed-off crook hogtied the innocent women and left them arching in stockinged feet on a dining table!

Exotic beauty Layla Sin discovers the s of working late and has plenty of time in bondage to meditate on the lesson! Layla's eye-catching in a snug white blouse and tight black skirt but the brown rope binding her voluptuous body's even tighter! Gagged with a thick black cleave, the raven-haired office-worker first struggles in her chair, then in stockinged feet on the wooden floor under her work table when the callous intruder decides to hide her from potentially prying eyes!

ID #: SB-130
Price: $30.00