Gags And Bonds For Brunettes And Blondes - DVD
48 Minutes, Six Models

Roxanna's a lithe and lovely Russian girl with a kinky streak -- but even the best-behaved young lady might be tempted to get naughty when confronted by luscious Dani Daniels squirming in naked bondage! After toying with Dani as she sits elegantly trussed to a chair, Roxanna silences her protests with a black cleave, then moves on to sexy domination of the powerless beauty! Once she's straddled Dani, Roxanna presses her own bare breasts against the bound girl's nipples and relishes her wide-eyed whimpering!

A modeling session veers off in an unpleasant direction for petite and vivacious nude Goldie Cox when a devious photographer clothes her in rope! Trussed- up on her stomach and tape-gagged, Goldie writhes resentfully on the lounge to which her bound ankles have been tethered! Her gag-stifled mumbles grow even angrier after the creative shutterbug folds her legs into a hogtie so he can record Goldie arching both her body and small bare feet!

When bad girls need to change outfits, good girls tend to lose their clothes -- and their freedom! Case in point: wide-eyed brunette Jenna Sativa and busty blonde Alix Lynx, who hastily surrender their blouses, skirts and heels, then are bound to chairs in their bras and panties! Understandably emotional about their plight, Jenna and Alix whisper worriedly to each other until they're gagged with duct tape; before leaving their sexy prey to squirm noisily in the chairs, the nasty intruders bare the bound girls' breasts!

Bondage dynamite often arrives in small packages, and packages don't come any more enticing than 5-1 raven-haired sprite Hannah Perez! Her wide dark eyes flashing and splendid breasts jutting between taut coils of tan rope, tape-gagged Hannah sits on the edge of a quilt- covered chest and strains fervently against the bondage restraining her naked body. During her struggles, Hannah curls up onto the chest so she can bring her hands close to her blue-nailed bare feet; hands and feet stay in unwanted proximity after feisty Ms. Perez is hogtied! Her expressive eyes and muffled whimpers plead for release but the sight of her arching wrinkled soles drives any merciful sentiment from her visitor's mind!

Innocent Whitney Westgate is hardly in the door to her home when she's grabbed and ushered into bondage! Dressed for fun in dark cloth jacket, short shorts and sparkling sandals, Whitney sits nervously on the edge of a lounge, her arms and legs pinioned with rope and her mouth covered with duct tape. Lowering herself onto the floor, the bound and gagged girl wriggles toward the door, but when her escape attempt is busted, Whitney's returned to the lounge, where she lies on her side and strains against a wrist-ankle tether!

ID #: FB-420