Intimidated Secretaries Held Captive - DVD
57 Minutes, Six Models

As the personal assistant of a hedge fund honcho, Alix Lynx was the perfect pawn in a scheme to gain the money man's reluctant co-operation. Trussed up and tape- gagged, Alix was held by a hooded thug who tethered her on a sofa; while waiting for a positive outcome, he amused himself by baring Alix's breasts and stretching the stocking-footed girl out on the couch. The callous man split after he was notified of the plan's success, but left poor Alix kneeling against the sofa's arm, her ankles roped to her chest bonds!

An undercover investigation boomerangs on Effy Rose when her target panics and holds the feisty blonde in bondage! Coils of tan rope circle her white blouse and pantyhosed legs while strips of microfoam tape stifle her voice as Effy sits tethered to the edge of a couch. When the nervous villain's associate arrives to aid him in solving his Effy problem, the anxious girl's bare breasts and stockinged feet emerge. While they consider a new line of work for Effy, their tightly-bound subject rolls onto the couch and kicks up her feet in response to the depraved woman's commands!

Ashley Lane's the innocent girl caught in the middle when she unknowingly delivers an empty attache case to an angry man who expected it to be full of cash! The slender secretary's required to remain as bound and gagged collateral while the money's located; Ashley at first sits securely roped in blouse, skirt and heels while mouthing a white cleave. Her situation becomes more hazardous when a horny henchwoman decides to enjoy the sight of unlucky Ashley squirming bare-breasted and stocking-footed on the hardwood floor!

Her employers told Hannah Perez to stay away from an antique wooden chest concealed under a bedspread, but that merely piqued her interest. When the tiny brunette was caught indulging her curiousity, she was prevented from informing the authorities about her horrifying discovery by the stringent application of ropes and tape. As she sat on the edge of the chest, Hannah resisted her restraint with wide-eyed intensity; Hannah's audible but futile writhing continued on top of the chest after her frilly blouse was opened to expose stunning breasts and the pumps removed from her stockinged feet!

Josie Jagger's dressed for work in a bright red blouse, black skirt, pantyhose and flats, but Josie won't be on the job today because she's instead sitting petite and petrified in a wooden chair, her body bound and her mouth invaded by a white cleave! Courageous Josie's refused to divulge crucial data to the intruders holding her, so more energetic interrogation's required; it emerges after Josie's re-tied on a massage table. Ungagged, Josie squeals and wriggles once her flats are removed and her small pantyhosed soles ruthlessly tickled! Josie's unable to resist for long; while her information's verified, Josie writhes tape-gagged and bare-breasted on her back!

Dressed in a sober blue jacket, skirt, pantyhose and gleaming black pumps, fragile beauty Whitney Westgate Was far from the stereotype of a spy, so she was confident she could accomplish her mission without difficulty. Whitney's evaluation proved to be badly mistaken, a reality she had to recognize while she lay across an armchair, subdued with rope and gagged with duct tape! Humiliation followed restraint when her vindictive enemy exposed her breasts and feet, then left her tethered waist-to-ankles and twisting awkwardly in the chair!

ID #: SB-131