Ropes And Gags For Costumed Babes - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

When your brain is cracked and you're nursing a hatred of lawyers, it makes perfect sense to grab two pretty blondes because they're dressed in jackets, skirts and ties, then rant how attorneys have ruined your life! Before the nut seals their lips with duct tape, Alix Lynx and Sophia Knight desperately try to convince him that they're just innocent girls on their way to a costume party! But he's not buying it, so Alix and Sophia sit bound, gagged and bare-breasted in long-legged chairs as he rambles on!

Officer Lena Shelby decides to investigate an alarm call without back- up, so it's not a big surpise when she's tied-up and tape-gagged! Determined to escape, the sexy cop squirms her way downstairs, attempts to open the door with her stockinged feet, but winds up standing bound to the stair-railing with her breasts exposed!

Careless maid Cassidy Klein discovers the s of failing to lock the doors after she's roped up, gagged with tape and tossed on a bed! When Cassidy tries to hop away from the bed, her breasts are bared and she's hogtied, leaving the little brunette writhing on her stomach and arching her black- pantyhosed feet!

Something's gone very wrong for Amanda Tate because instead of tending to the sick, the statuesque blonde nurse sits roped to a wooden chair and gagged with mouth stuffing and duct tape! The pawn in a devious intrigue, an alarmed Amanda squirms when a camera phone records her humiliating bondage after her legs are spread and her breasts exposed! A maneuver that brings her chair close to a curtained window reveals Amanda's courage but brings her no closer to freedom!

Their hair-dos are nearly identical, but that's where the similarities end when poodle- skirted 50s cutie Phoebe Queen squirms in the bondage of leather-clad and booted Goth enr Loren Chance! After pinning little Phoebe to a chair with black rope and gagging her with a black cleave, Loren opens her blouse for some no-nonsense boob-groping! With Phoebe's ankles tied wide apart to spread her legs, Loren takes the opportunity to pull up her skirt for embarrassing pussy exposure!

ID #: CB-73