Grab And Bind Of Cherie DeVille: Cherie's Job Interview - DVD
47 Minutes, One Model

Cherie DeVille's resume suggests she's overqualified for her new job, but we doubt that there will be any complaints about her performance!

After a successful job interview, Cherie reported to an employee assigned to deal with the details regarding her employment. The devil was definitely in these details, however, because when the stylishly- dressed Cherie encountered her interviewer shortly after, she was already seated bound and barefoot on top of a kitchen island! Bewildered and angry, Cherie demanded her freedom; instead she received mouth stuffing and duct tape to silence her! As she writhed desperately, Cherie heard the shocking news that she was indeed already on the job and would continue to refine the submissive skills her wealthy employer expected!

If Cherie had any doubts about the nature of her new job, they were quickly dispelled by a position designed to emphasize her qualifications. No more clothing for the buxom blonde, who was tied to a chair and gagged with a shiny red ball! Cherie was still full of fight, however, so she strained vigorously against her ropework until the bondage was altered to spread her legs for no- nonsense pussy exposure!

A very different kind of restraint awaited Cherie when she was folded into an armchair by a complex rope network that permitted only the slightest movements. Her expressive eyes conveyed understandable alarm at her plight while she murmured pleas for release through a knotted black cleave! But the visual thrills provided by Cherie's rope-framed breasts and intensively-arched bare feet assured that her employer wouldn't grant her a break anytime soon.

Cherie's job interview began outdoors so it seemed appropriate to continue her training in that same pleasant environment. First permitted to dip her bound bare feet in the swimming pool as she sat trussed up at the edge, Cherie quickly lost even that relative degree of freedom. Dreams of a lucrative corporate position seemed a million miles away to the naked beauty while she arched and writhed poolside in a hogtie that raised Cherie's toe-tied bare soles high above her bound wrists as her eyes widened above a microfoam gag!

The training concluded with Cherie placed in a position that portrayed her as a naked nature-princess in jeopardy. Standing nude and crotch-roped, her hands linked overhead to a tree branch, tape-gagged Cherie balanced cautiously on bare feet hobbled by bound ankles! As a final test of her endurance, the ankle ropes were removed and Cherie was required to stand on her left leg after a vertical rope pulled her right leg high off the ground! Her pay won't be high, but Cherie will be richly rewarded with appreciation for her outstanding qualities.

ID #: KD-86