Cousins In Captivity - DVD
51 Minutes, Two Models

Their dreams of internet stardom came true -- just not the way they expected!

Jobs have been hard to find for recent college grads Athena and Blair Summers; that's why the drama majors are thrilled when they're approached by a fast-talking producer/director to star in an internet series. "Schoolgirl Detectives" sounds like a promising vehicle for these ambitious young ladies so they don the appropriate costumes to meet with the auteur. He tells them that in a few of the scripts that have already been written, the daring detectives end up briefly in bondage -- would they be OK with a little light ropework so they can make sure the experience is acceptable for them? Blair and Athena happily agree and are soon struggling dramatically on the floor; it's all fun and games -- until gags are thrust between their lips and their breasts are exposed! To their horror, the sweet cousins suddenly realize that the man in charge has a very different web series in mind for his bound and gagged starlets!

Bare-breasted, bound and tape-gagged, Athena and Blair stand side- by-side in the first in a series of humiliating restraints for the detectives in undress! The cousins squirm in disbelief at their unexpected plight, but even greater embarrasment soon follows when their panties are lowered to their ankles and replaced by crotchropes! Ordered to press their breasts together, they have no choice but to meekly obey!

Completely naked now, the cousins are bewildered by their new position: While Athena kneels bound hand and foot but ungagged on the floor, tape-gagged Blair sits on a couch with her hands tied behind her but ankles freed. The answer's simple, crows the creative creep -- Blair's going to invade Athena's mouth with her bare feet! Both attempt to resist the distasteful command, but rapidly submit to the inevitable; Athena sucks Blair's toes deep into her mouth and licks her cousin's soles! According to the director, turnabout's fair play, so with positions reversed, Blair unhappily worships Athena's petite feet.

The self-styled cinema artist has heard that it's a good move to "open up" his production, a concept that he expounds to an unsympathetic audience of two as Blair and Athena sit gagged with duct tape and trussed-up on towels in the backyard! The intimidated cousins struggle desperately until their outdoor scene ends with a double hogtie climax that leaves everyone delighted -- except for the ones whimpering and arching their nude bodies!

The literal climax of this shameful production, however, arrives after the disenchanted starlets are tied next to each other as they sit on the edge of a wooden table. Athena's right ankle and Blair's left are tethered wide to the table legs while their remaining limbs are cinched together. Pussies exposed, the ball- gagged pair wriggle nervously as they await the inevitable addition to their rope network. It arrives in the form of vibrators tied to the inside of their thighs so that the toys press assertively against their clits; once the plastic rods starts buzzing, all Blair and Athena can do is go along for the ride! And they ride energetically indeed, until their bound bodies spasm, then relax as their dramatic misadventure comes to a conclusion that doesn't seem completely unpleasant for them!

ID #: HH-101