Belle's Bound Beauties - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Belle Fatale took a liking to cute housemates Keisha Grey and Miranda Miller when she met them at a party. So she paid Keisha and Miranda a surprise visit to get better acquainted - - which for Belle met tying the naked girls to chairs, tape-gagging them, then fondling their breasts before tickling and worshipping their bare feet! But Belle made a crucial error by calling a dominant friend so she could show off her little playthings kneeling breast-to-breast on the chairs. He enjoyed her display, then decided to have some nasty fun by turning the tables on Belle!

Now Belle's the naked, gagged and bound toy while Keisha and Miranda are dressed and ready for payback! Defiant at first, Belle turns into a whimpering bondage toy as the vengeful pair squeeze her boobs and pull her hair. And the fun's just beginning for these subs turned doms; after bringing Belle to her knees, Miranda and Keisha take turns introducing her face to their bare pussies and spanking her bottom! But the excited couple also have a reversal of fortune in their future.

Keisha and Miranda relished their triumphant interlude but now they're naked again and stand bound to stair-railings on either side of Belle, who's seated on the staircase. After allowing the trio to remain ungagged while they bicker and test their bonds, Belle's treacherous friend slips ball-gags between their lips and enjoys the amazing tableau of three trussed-up strugglers!

Restraint escalates for appealing Allie Brooks, who first kneels bound on her bed and tethered to the metal headframe. Allie's pink bikini top soon disappears and so do her lips, which are sealed with duct tape! The innocent blonde's bedroom bondage becomes even more stringent when she's hogtied; as Allie wriggles on her stomach, she flexes shapely bare soles held together by toe-ties!

All Mia Malkova wanted was to relax in sunny backyard solitude but a slippery intruder made sure that the lovely starlet would instead be displayed for his pleasure! Naked, tied and ball-gagged, Mia sits apprehensively on a wooden bench until the ropes disappear from her ankles and knees. But that's only the first step in spreading her legs on the bench so that Mia's pussy is at the motionless center of her squirming bound body!

ID #: FB-423