Helpless In Costumes And Ropes - DVD
48 Minutes, Seven Models

Encouraged by a leering acquaintance, leather girls Kenna James and Carter Cruise escalate their disciplinary games with bondage! Tied hand and foot, Kenna kneels on a chair while Carter smacks her ass and bare soles with a crop! Kenna's not so comfortable after Carter ball-gags her, then gropes her breasts but Carter soon has to pay for playing Mr. Kink's games! She becomes the mirror image of Kenna as both kneel ball-gagged and bare-breasted; powerless to protest, they press their faces and chests together for the voyeur's entertainment!

Enticingly clothed in a pink spandex body suit and leggings, Mia Malkova tones her lovely body by stretching on the floor. A kinky onlooker decides that Mia would appear even more alluring in bondage so the bewildered blonde soon sits frogtied and tape-gagged! Mia burns off several hundred more calories rolling around on the hardwood and ends up squirming on her stomach, eyes wide above her gag and bare soles arching!

She's blonde, she's bound, she's colorful harem girl Allie Brooks! Allie's bright blue harem outfit is encircled by tan ropes and her voice is muffled by a red overmouth gag; her red slippers are soon kicked aside as she writhes on the wooden floor! Later, barefoot Allie struggles on her kneees backwards in a chair, her harem pants pulled down to humiliatingly expose a curvaceous bottom!

Andrea Rosu is a buxom barmaid in bondage as she sits tethered to the footboard of a bed and gagged with microtape! Twisting vigorously from side-to-side, Andrea never comes close to freeing herself, but apparently annoys those controlling her because she's relocated to the head of the bed. There Andrea kneels bare-breasted and barefoot, her red hair flowing over her shoulders as she tugs defiantly against the rope link holding her in thrall!

Sexy professor Sara Liz is holding a private tutorial for luscious student Shyla Jennings when an art thief takes control! Before absconding with several valuable paintings, he arranges some kinky entertainment by having Sara tie Shyla's wrists and cleave-gag her, then fondle her squirming petite pupil! It doesn't take long for Sara to join Shyla in bondage and both ladies are soon struggling trussed-up and barefoot on the floor; a connoisseur of beauty, the larcenous intruder can't resist baring their breasts before leaving with the loot!

ID #: CB-74