Grab And Bind Of Kenna James: Policewoman's - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

If only Kenna James had called in back-up, she wouldn't have spent so much time naked, bound and gagged!

When probationary reserve policewoman Kenna James discovered where the theft ring was stashing their hidden loot, she should have immediately called in the location and summoned back-up. But inexperienced Kenna was so thrilled by her find that she neglected to follow approved procedure and plunged ahead by herself; her rash behavor resulted in the hot blonde cop being seized, bound, gagged and blindfolded! Left on her own by the thieves, resourceful Kenna worked off her blindfold, which allowed her to spot her discarded walkie-talkie lying on the floor. Desperate to call for help, Kenna kicked off her shoes and wriggled her way over to the device, but just as she brought it into her hands, a sandaled foot descended onto it and ended her hopes!

Confident that their hideout was still off the radar, the ruthless female gang leader decided to teach Kenna an unforgettable lesson. She deprived Kenna of her uniform, then arranged for the naked policewoman to be gagged with duct tape and tightly bound! Placed facedown on a wooden table and hitched to a table leg, Kenna arched her nude body high off the table with incredible athleticism! Her defiant contortions continued after she was hogtied, with entertaining results for the thieves surrounding her!

Kenna was freed from the hogtie, but release was not on the agenda. Instead, she was seated on the edge of the table, trussed-up and held in place with a rope passing under the table between her wrists and ankles. Gagged with microfoam tape, the pretty policewoman continued to writhe against her ropework; Kenna's expressive eyes and gag-stifled murmurs failed to stir the sympathies of the hard-hearted crooks! Instead, she was moved onto the table and further confined by a ball-tie that Kenna's vigorous struggling fails to disrupt!

When the time arrived for the robbery ring to go on the lam, Kenna's evil hostess sarcastically promised her a going away present. Spread on a bed and tape-gagged, the sadder but wiser Kenna still tugged against her bonds but felt a sense of relief -- until she saw the vibrator and felt it being tied snug against her pussy! The crowning humiliation of a day that revealed her inexperience, Kenna's encounter with her plastic nemesis left the naked cop spasming and gasping as uninvited but delicious sensations radiated between her legs and throughout her body!

Kenna plays a very different DID during a bonus scene unrelated to her plight as a policewoman! Wearing a colorful minidress and sparkling heeled sandals, glamour-girl Kenna's trapped and tied in her bedroom; bound on the floor and hitched to a bedpost, Kenna begs not be gagged! That's a plea that can't be granted, of course, so a wide blue cloth is pressed over her mouth and held in place by a knotted cloth strip! Kenna's bondage is completed by a waist- ankle tether that folds her long slender legs against her hip!

ID #: KD-88