No Good Deed Goes Unbondaged - DVD
45 Minutes, Two Models

Bondage finds Adriana Chechik after she tries to rescue Shyla Jennings!

Adriana provided a safe haven for Shyla when she ran from a bondage-crazed partner! But the obsessed creep didn't get the message and move on; instead he sniffed out Shyla's location and sent a masked monster to teach her a lesson -- one that Adriana would learn as well! Shyla's the first to be surprised when she's seized in her bed, gagged with duct tape and trussed up! Enticing in her skimpy diaphanous nighty, sweet little Shyla squirms frantically in her bondage after the vile visitor leaves to subdue Adriana! She's rolling on her stomach and kicking up her tiny bare feet when he returns and carries her off for her ropework rendezvous with Adriana!

Adriana's still up but she won't be for long after she's confronted by the nightmarish figure in her kitchen! The feisty brunette doesn't submit meekly but she's no match for the intruder, who ties her wrists behind her, gags her with a knotted cleave and lowers her onto the wooden floor! Clad in a short red dress and sandals, Adriana writhes angrily; she's even more indignant when the menacing character removes the sandals and tickles her bare soles!

The rest of Adriana's clothing disappears and so does Shyla's, so the fearful friends are reunited in nude bondage! Tied and tape-gagged but with their legs free of rope, they stand face-to-face as the scornful oppressor crudely presses their bodies together; Shyla and Adriana can't escape gag-kissing after their breasts are in contact! Rope secures their ankles and knees once they're seated side-by-side on the floor and the stunned pair strain in futile efforts to free themselves! Waist-ankle tethers fold their legs and accentuate their immobility while Adriana and Shyla listen apprehensively to the masked evildoer proclaim that he's just getting started!

His next exercise in ruthless restraint causes Shyla and Adriana even greater because their naked bodies are tied face down on a wooden dining table and their ankles tethered to its legs! Gagged with duct tape, the petite dark- haired beauties eye each other in wide-eyed alarm because they can barely move! Their plight becomes even more poignant after their hands and feet are hitched together; hogtied and hopeless, Adriana and Shyla arch and whimper!

The temporary master's nude pawns sit amply roped to wooden chairs and nervously await his next nasty surprise, which swiftly arrives in the lip- spreading form of ball-gags! Adriana's embarrassed by the drooling elicted by her shining blue ball, but a more sensational humiliation emerges for both bound girls when vibrators make their appearance. After their legs are spread wide and the vibes roped to their pussies, Shyla and Adriana writhe in rhythm to the buzzing beasts!

ID #: HH-104