Topless, Trussed Up And In Trouble - DVD
45 Minutes, Six Models

Relaxing on her bed in a black teddy that leaves little to the imagination, dark- haired temptress Adriana Chechik receives an unsettling surprise that leads to ropework restraint! Ungagged at first, Adriana's the recipient of a black cleave after she yells for help; her breasts bared and her small body tethered to the headboard, the feisty girl writhes on her hip! The intruders responsible for Adriana's bondage have a larcenous objective, but Adriana's flashing eyes, stiffening nipples and arching bare feet prove quite distracting!

When Krystal Shay's husband agrees to stop watching the outrageous bondage videos that he enjoys so much and pay more attention to her, the enticing little blonde is delighted. What she doesn't expect is the nature of his attention -- to her dismay, her man turns her into his ideal bondage model! Stripped to her panties, efficiently roped, and gagged with a black cleave, Krystal squirms indignantly on the kitchen island. Additional ropework folds squealing Krystal's legs closer to her chest, though the gutsy girl never stops fighting her restraint!

It's impossible not to sympathize with Samantha Hayes, whose flowing hair and innocent blue eyes identify her as a potential DID. The potential is realized when Samantha's tied to a chair in her bra and panties; a white cleave-gag quickly muffles her soft voice after she refuses to co- operate with the unpleasant people interrogating her! Determined to make Samantha talk, they intensify the bondage by exposing her breasts and spreading her legs by hitching her ankles to the back of the chair! The barefoot girl tries to resist their harsh techniques but her resistance soon collapses!

Nearly bursting out of her tight black teddy, buxom Olivia Austin sits bound, tape-gagged and tethered to a large red naugahyde chair. It's only a matter of time before the struggling amazon's formidable bare breasts emerge from her lingerie between a taut web of rope! Energized by her humiliation, Olivia kicks up her fishnet-clad feet and twists back and forth in the chair, but she'll have to accept her bondage sitting down!

Their clothes are long gone and so is their freedom: Staci Carr and Presley Hart are simply two sweet little trussed-up naked girls gagged with duct tape and sitting on the floor! Reclining side-by-side, the cross-ankled couple are limited to murmuring apprehensively and plucking unsuccessfully at each other's wrist bonds. Waist-ankle tethers later fold Staci and Presley on their hips, where the adorable rope-slaves make a silent plea for rescue with eyes that widen compellingly above their gags!

ID #: FB-428