Tied Up Together - DVD
42 Minutes, Ten Models

Sitting bound along side his wife, Axel Aces felt so helpless and defeated that he was unable to protect his wife Carissa Montgomery from the dangers of his job. He becomes even more humiliated when their captor continues his assault by exposing Carissa's luscious breasts!

The cat-burglar's met her match, but that's no consolation for Robby Echo, who shares the bondage inflicted on her by a ruthless rival! As they kneel side- by-side tethered to a spreader bar, Amanda Tate now tastes duct tape like Robby and writhes indignantly when her breasts are exposed!

Chris Rainer and Phoebe Queen are held in bondage by a fugitive couple who take their clothes, then tie and gag them. Bound in bra and panties on the bed, Phoebe uses her bare toes to scrape at Chris's tape gag as he sits trussed up in his boxers on the floor. Able to maneuver himself onto the bed, Chris and Phoebe begin to struggle back to back as they attempt to free each other!

Chad White is stripped to his undies like Erika Jordan, who squirms next to him on a bed; both are gagged with duct tape, securely tied and tethered to the bed's headboard by ropes linked to their ankles. A kinky couple delight in their victims' anguish, which they heartlessly ratchet up by hogtying them!

Chloe Amour and Ryan McLane have made the serious mistake of getting involved with some very shady people and their schemes. Ryan learns just how nasty they can be when he returns home to find Chloe naked, gagged and bound on their bed!

ID #: CC-45