Costumed Playgirls Face Bondage - DVD
45 Minutes, Six Models

Costumed as a French chambermaid, luscious Kenna James looks forward to some naughty fun as she waits for her married boyfriend to arrive! Sorry, Kenna, your bad boy's angry wife Ashley Lane has caught on to your games, so she's the one paying you a visit, rope in hand! Once stunned Kenna's trussed up and tape- gagged, Ashley sends her a loud message by pulling off her heels and tickling her pantyhosed soles, spanking her bottom and tweaking her nipples! Left in bondage on the couch after Ashley splits, Kenna questions whether this mistress-thing is all it's cracked up to be!

Talk about embarrassing -- Amazonian cat burglar Tomi Taylor got careless and before she knew what hit her, petite Krystal Shay was toying with her bound and gagged body! Krystal has a ball unmasking Tomi as she squirms angrily, then brazenly gropes her boobs before pulling off her heels so that the feisty little blonde can tantalize Tomi's shapely bare soles with her fingernails! The roped-up bad girl's relieved when Krystal curtails the torment -- until she promises that Tomi's next visitors will be big guys with badges!

Bridal complaints about substandard caterers or DJs fade into insignificance compared to the ordeal of beautiful Keira Nicole! Grabbed by an obsessive ex, the bound and gagged bride sits pinned to a chair by black rope that dominates her white gown! Matters go from bad to worse when Keira's legs are suspended and her white pumps pulled off by the psycho, who ruthlessly tickles her sensitive bare soles!

Gwen Stark's flowing auburn hair, sparkling blue eyes and lithe body captivate a photographer who costumes her in schoolgirl plaid, then poses her on a bed for some appealing photos. When he suggests spicing the content with a few ropes, Gwen politely refuses to comply but her objections are quickly quashed by a man who knows what he wants! Bound with braided tan rope and gagged with microfoam, sweet Gwen struggles indignantly, especially after her breasts and feet are bared (the Gwen Stark soles, not so incidentally, are some of the most deeply arched we've ever seen!)!

Two of the most adorable harem-girls imaginable, Presley Hart and Staci Carr entertain admirers with their sensual yet innocent gyrations -- until they encounter a client who requires the addition of ropes and gags to their act! Their torsos bound and lips spread by cleaves, Presley and Staci attempt to fulfill the creep's less-than-innocent choreography until they're placed on a couch with their ankles tied. There he requires his barefoot playthings to undulate together until their breasts press together in a humiliating encounter!

ID #: CB-76
Price: $25.00