Slim Hopes For Nudes In Ropes - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Ruthless intruders deal with statuesque brunette Tomi Taylor and blonde sprite Krystal Shay by gagging them with duct tape and exchanging their clothes for ropes that tightly constrict their naked bodies! Tomi and Krystal sit quietly on the floor until Krystal tries to free Tomi's knotted wrists with her bare toes; despite vigorous contortions, the spirited pair remain in bondage as they lie against each other on their sides!

Sweet little Presley Hart stands trembling in the corner of her bathroom after she's stripped, tied and tape-gagged! Later, the bathtub embraces Presley's petite nude body as she stretches her bare feet over the edge, then struggles on her side!

Timid Ashley Lane is a made-to-order bondage toy for naughty Kenna James, who binds Ashley's hands behind her and gags her with duct tape! Once the slender girl's bare pink body is in her power, Kenna gleefully fondles Ashley, then lays her face-down on a lounge! As Ashley wriggles on her stomach, Kenna tickles soft bare soles and sucks slender toes!

Buxom newcomer Mandy Armani receives an unfriendly welcome from lovely Lena Shelby, who turns Mandy's naked body into her own private playground once she's tightly roped and tape-gagged! While Mandy sits squirming on the edge of her bed, Lena fondles her breasts; after the sexy mean girl abandons her, Mandy rolls about on the bed!

Tomi Taylor's gorgeous body has always been bondage-prone, but never before has Tomi been so vulnerable as now that she lies spreadeagled on her bed! Tomi's toned strength is powerless against the web of rope controlling her; her voice is stifled by a ball-gag! When a vibrator's tied against her pussy, Tomi strains energetically against its persuasive energy but finally accepts an orgasmic outcome!

ID #: FB-429
Price: $30.00