Sisters In - DVD
44 Minutes, Two Models

Kalina Ryu's careless camming leads to bound and gagged trouble for her and sister Mia!

Mia Ryu tried to warn sis Kalina that her habit of camming with a wide range of male admirers could be hazardous. Kalina responded that she never divulged crucial information; most importantly, none of her internet partners knew where they lived. Turns out that she slipped up somewhere, because when she comes home after work and walks through the door, an uninvited guest is waiting for her! Tied hand and foot, gagged with duct tape, Kalina sits in a daze while she listens to her unbalanced fan enthuse about his plans for her! Then she can only squirm and moan while he rushes to the other end of the house so he can surprise and bind her sister when she returns from her job. Trussed-up in identical fashion, Mia twists on the floor as she tries unsuccessfully to nudge open the front door!

After their initial solo restraints, the sisters are united in bondage as they stand side-by-side supported by vertical ropes tethered overhead! Balancing on their stockinged feet, Kalina and Mia murmur nervously to each other in a wordless conversation, all too aware that they're under the control of a disturbed stranger! To their dismay, he begins to satisfy his voyeuristic desires by disheveling their blouses and baring their breasts!

No clothes, no stockings, no nothing for the fearful nude sisters, but taut ropes coiling around their wrists and arms, as well as tape sealing their lips! Their legs are also free of rope, which allows Mia, then Kalina, to enter a room, and wander about timidly until the man in charge enters and decrees that they must be chair-bound! Emphatically pinioned to wooden chairs, Kalina and Mia can only squirm uncomfortably, aware that the sight of their trussed and naked bodies are a source of endless pleasure for their uninvited guest!

Eager to obtain a better view of their exquisite bare feet, the treacherous cammer seats Mia and Kalina on the hardwood floor with their legs stretched out before them, then orders his bound and gagged subjects to point their red- nailed toes and display their arches! Indignant at their humiliation but powerless to defy him, the naked girls obey until he's temporarily satisfied by their submission. They still have faint hopes of escape, so once the lustful intruder's distracted, Kalina and Mia writhe desperately by folding up their cross- ankled legs and twisting onto their hips!

He may be a predator but he's not greedy, so after subduing their luscious little bodies with rope one last time, the depraved guest bids farewell to Kalina and Mia! They'd be happier about his exit if he'd left them on the couch where they were situated at first, but this connoisseur of domination requires the sisters to kneel face-to-face on the floor! Delighted by this image of subjugation that also happily exposes two enticing pairs of bare soles, he thanks the whimpering girls for their co-operation and suggests that there may be a sequel in the near future!

ID #: HH-108
Price: $30.00