Tied Up Costumed Girls - DVD
47 Minutes, Five Models

Mia Malkova's so excited by her shiny red, white and blue cheerleader's uniform that she doesn't notice a skull-masked maniac sneaking up on her! As Mia stands with her hands tied behind her, the wicked man stuffs her mouth with cloth, then secures it with duct tape! Seated on a couch, the luscious blonde cheerleader squirms in futility after her ankles and knees are bound, and still more rope coiled around her chest! The tireless evildoer completes his subjugation of Mia by trussing her into a cross-ankled hogtie on the couch; as the bound beauty writhes on her stomach and kicks up her sneakered feet, her skirt rides up to reveal a pantieless pussy!

Gorgeous Alexa Grace sets a high standard for dominatrixes in her see-through black mesh top and knee-high black spike-heeled boots. Keira Nicole would undoubtedly voice her agreement if her lips weren't sealed with white tape; the hot blonde's controlled by black rope encircling her lithe body! Pinned against a rectangular pillar by towering Alexa, Keira stands in skin- tight pants decorated by a red, white and blue flag design; after playing with her trussed-up toy's shirt and denim vest, the lustful dom-girl frees Keira's breasts so she can fondle and lick them! When Keira resists her outrageous handling, arrogant Alexa rotates the moaning subject of her wrath, then spanks her beckoning bottom before sneakily sliding her fingers between Keira's legs!

Nurse Kalina Ryu confronts an emergency drastically different from any she's dealt with before after her bright white uniform is criss-crossed with taut coils of tan rope that also pin her to an oversized red chair! Kalina tries to remain cool and reason with the ominous intruder who's responsible for her predicament, but he stifles her arguments by stuffing cloth between her lips and covering it with white tape! The wide-eyed little nurse strains desperately against her oppressive bonds, but can't prevent the unhealthy individual from more closely examining her breasts and white-stockinged feet!

Raven-haired Nikki Knightly looks like a million bucks as she poses for the camera in a long golden gown, gold elbow-length gloves, high-heeled sandals and a string of pearls. But her posing takes a stunning turn when the fetish-addled photographer decides that Nikki would be even more alluring if she were bound with rope and gagged with colorful scarves! As Nikki twists indignantly in the wooden chair where she's been tethered, her plight goes from bad to worse when her breasts and feet are bared and her gag thickened by the addition of more multi- colored scarves!

Fraulein Alix Lynx will be unable to fulfill her barmaid responsibilities in the immediate future because she's been sidelined by bondage! Enticing in her colorful dirndl and black pumps, Alix stands bound to a bedpost, her voluptuous body subdued by knotted lengths of tan rope and her calls for help muffled by a black cleave-gag! The creep who's taken control of Alix can't resist a closer look at the blonde doll's chest, so he bares her breasts and savors her indignant writhing! As a final demonstration of his mastery, Alix is untethered from the post, only to be hogtied on the bed; now tape-gagged, the beauteous barmaid arches barefoot and bare-breasted against immovable ropework!

ID #: CB-77