Keira Nicole: Bikini Bondage Babe - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Lovely blonde Keira Nicole struggles through an afternoon of revealing bondage surprises!

Keira looks like a million bucks in her bikini and hat as she heads into the backyard for some sun-bathing. Not so fast, Keira -- you'll be getting plenty of sunshine later; for now, you're going to be sitting neatly tied up and tape- gagged indoors! From the tips of her purple-nailed toes to her flashing green eyes, the bikini'd blonde is one hot squirmer; Keira's situation becomes even steamier when her ankles are untied so they can be tethered separately to each side of the chair! Breasts bared and pussy exposed, Keira writhes in wide-eyed disbelief at her plight!

Time for Part Two of Keira's initiation into spread-legged bondage, after the creamy-skinned nude beauty's transferred to a black office-chair on wheels! Keira's arms are pinned to the chair by a wrist-rope connection behind its back; her ankles and thighs are tethered separately so that her bush peers vulnerably out between her legs! Spirited Keira murmurs in frustration behind a wrap- around gag and rolls the chair around, but remains in humiliating restraint.

Although Keira's back in a bikini and finally makes it outdoors, she doesn't find the fresh air as enjoyable as expected, primarily because she's bound and gagged once more! At least towels have been spread on the grass for her, and so tape-gagged Keira twists and sprawls energetically, straining against her bonds while lying on her side, then on her stomach as she kicks up her bare feet!

Keira had been dismayed by her level of exposure in earlier bondages, but the ingenious position that posed her on the backyard bar spread her legs far wider than ever before! Simply but efficiently immobilized by ropes hitching her ankles to a pair of vertical iron bars and her wrists above her head to a horizontal bar, Keira contorts her long-legged body and whimpers through a white cleave, but she's powerless to prevent a stunning view of her vulnerable vagina!

She's a knockout in her multi-colored swimsuit, but Keira's understandably annoyed at her continuing subjugation; after all, it's a hot day and she's been relegated to a metal chair for her bondage! Tightly bound, her lips spread by a red ball-gag, Keira squirms unhappily -- until she's cooled off by a watery surprise after her swimsuit's removed! Activated by the devious man who's controlled her destiny all along, the poolside shower spurts cold water that soaks Keira's naked body! It's not the fresh-air experience she was hoping for, but at least our heroine is no longer hot and sweaty!

ID #: HH-110