Pretty Girl Roped Up Packages - DVD
51 Minutes, Six Models

When Charlotte Stokely tries to stop younger sister Samantha Hayes from running away with her sketchy boyfriend, desperate Samantha ties and gags interfering Charlotte! Trussed up in her summery blue dress and gagged with a black cleave, the beautiful blonde struggles indignantly on a yellow lounge while Samantha plans to leave with Mr. Wonderful. When he arrives, however, and Samantha turns over the 10K she's pulled from her bank account, he's got a shock for her -- his actual girlfriend! And she's a mean one, because once the betrayed girl sits bound and gagged next to her sister, she makes sure both Charlotte and Samantha's breasts are exposed! Brought together by their plight, the sisters strain against their bonds; Samantha's eager to atone for her disastrous misjudgement, so she rolls onto the floor and wriggles toward the door, where she attempts to open the door with her bare feet!

Lithe and lovely Allie Knox receives ropework treatment that's similar to Adriana's but even more rigorous! As she sits on the edge of the couch, Allie twists in bondage that embraces her brightly-colored bathrobe; before her cries for help can be heard, Allie's mouth is stuffed with white cloth and covered with duct tape! Refusing to surrender without a struggle, Allie rolls onto the hardwood floor but is decisively immobilized when she's pinned on her knees against the arm of the couch! Bare-breasted now, Allie can only whimper as she tugs against a taut chest-ankle tether!

Kasey Warner gets a very unwelcome visit from angry Kylie Nicole, who orders the intimidated little brunette to strip! Once Kasey stands naked and bound, Kylie gleefully fondles her breasts; Kasey's protests are answered with a tape-gag, then Kylie gets back to the business of pleasure by slipping her hand between her plaything's legs! Part II of Kylie's scheme unfolds with poor Kasey lying hogtied and ball-gagged on a dining table, where she can only squirm in futility while her mistress tickles her bare soles, then savors her contortions!

Adriana Sephora never imagined a girl could be so mean until she was confronted by fugitive Cassidy Banks, who ordered Adriana to strip off her white cocktail dress so Cassidy could ditch her T-shirt and denim shorts! Once she had Adriana standing naked, gagged with a black cleave and securely bound, Cassidy couldn't resist toying with the busty blonde's luscious body! After changing into Adriana's dress and arranging her into a kneeling position against the arm of a couch, Cassidy mischievously tickled the squealing girl's foot-bottoms before leaving her in awkward restraint!

So tall, slender and beautiful, Alexa Grace just can't seem to keep her clothes on when evil people lurk nearby! Trapped near her desk after stripping, Alexa's controlled by no-nonsense ropework, then silenced with mouth-packing and duct tape before she's seated on the desk with her long legs dangling over the edge! The apprehensive heroine manages to curl up on the desk, but is powerless to prevent her legs from being spread and roped to the desk; the result pins her toe-tied feet together while opening her pussy for inspection!

ID #: FB-434