Mia's Bondage Lesson - DVD
63 Minutes, Two Models

An unwelcome visitor from Mia Malkova's past brings bondage back for Mia and Keira Nicole!

Keira finds herself in a situation both uncomfortable and baffling: Surprised by an intruder who calls himself an old friend of her housemate Mia's, she stands bound in her bra and panties and gagged with a strip of cloth! While Keira strains against the unfamiliar constraint of taut ropework, the ominous stranger casually explains that he once helped to provide Mia with a lesson in bondage; her education will continue today and, of course, it would be unfair to neglect her best friend! Keira soon learns more about gag technique when her cleave's removed and replaced by mouth stuffing plus duct tape; moments later, Mia walks through the front door into the shocking tableau of her beautiful housemate struggling bound and gagged in her underwear!

The twisted teacher lectures to a class of two after the unfortunate friends are reunited! Keira and Mia are both attired in plaid skirts and white blouses; both wear shoes and white socks as they sit together outdoors on a bench next to the swimming pool. They twist uncomfortably in the sunlight because they're neatly bound, of course, and gagged with white tape. The seminar changes location after their legs are untied so that Mia and Keira can be herded indoors; once inside, their shoes are removed and the hapless students seated on the edge of a wooden dining table. Now gagged with duct tape, their breasts bared, the white-socked squirmers do their best to free themselves but can do no better than to curl up wearily next to each other on the table!

Time for hands-on instruction, so after Mia's deprived of her skirt and spreadeagled to an overturned coffee table, Keira's freed and ordered to kneel on the floor next to her. While tape-gagged Mia wriggles in disbelief, the submissive Keira caresses and mouths her breasts, then removes her socks and briefly tickles her feet! But Mia's pussy beckons, so Keira's first ordered to massage it, then handed a vibrator to heighten the stimulus! Wielded efficiently by her housemate, the plastic teaching tool assists Mia in reaching a new level of consciousness (AKA orgasm)!

It's only fair that both students have the opportunity to gain enlightenment, so Mia and Keira trade places. Now it's Keira's turn to undulate while her beautiful friend fondles her naked body with hands and mouth, strokes her bare soles with flashing fingernails, then, having learned from her own experience, plays the buzzing plastic instrument expertly on the spreadeagled student's clit! Embarrassed but aroused, Keira follows Mia in demonstrating a primal biological response to her stimulation.

While Keira experiences an ambivalent afterglow, Mia's whisked away and trussed up in the naughty costume that's so appropriate for a student of the bondage arts. Tied hand and foot, gagged with medical wrap, the barefoot little blonde rolls around vigorously on a couch; as the lesson proceeds, Mia's breasts burst loose from her blouse and her gag's strengthened with duct tape. It concludes with a hogtie that accentuates the allure of Mia's nearly perfect feet!

The depraved but zealous instructor has achieved all he'd hoped for during the course, so he awards As to both Mia and Keira. To their dismay but hardly their surprise, what he does not grant them is their freedom; that they'll have to earn long after he's gone. Keira and Mia are energized by their despicable oppressor's departure, so as they sit side-by-side on the living room floor, legs stretched out before them, then twisting onto their hips, the trussed and tape- gagged nudes strain against the maddening strands of his educational ropework's final example!

ID #: HH-111