Knotty Bondage For Naughty Nudes - DVD
51 Minutes, Six Models

Their eyes vividly express their confusion and alarm, understandable emotions considering that these naked blonde starlets' wrists and arms are coiled with rope that also frames their chests. Duct tape over their mouths also prevents Lena Shelby and Kenna James from coherent communication as they're herded up the staircase; once Lena and Kenna reach the bedroom, their ankles submit to rope restraint after they're propped against the headboard of a bed. Growing bold, the bound and gagged nudes roll energetically around the bed as they attempt to escape their ropes -- until a final pair of tethers link wrists and ankles with immobilizing impact!

What a recipe for bad behavior -- take meek little Karter Foxx seated bound and naked on a bed as collateral for her boyfriend's debt, then add kinky gangster girl Keira Nicole, who's been ordered to keep an eye on Karter. Needless to say, Keira's supervision quickly turns hands-on when she crawls on the bed to fondle and mouth Karter's breasts, then toys with the bewildered girl's small bare feet. A tape gag silences Karter's protests before Keira grows bolder and massages her plaything's pussy; after rolling Karter onto her stomach, Keira raises her feet for some eager toe- sucking!

"Welcome home, sweetheart -- you're Kylie Sinner, right? I'm afraid you'll have to remove your dress and shoes; you can keep your panties on -- for now! Mmm -- don't you look luscious pinned down to the chair with all that rope; sorry about hiding your pretty mouth with that sticky tape, but I couldn't let you call for help while I'm helping myself to your valuables! You certainly have good taste in jewelry, Kylie, but I have excellent taste in other matters -- I believe you'd look marvelous with your legs spread, so the panties will have to go now! Oh, yes, that's hot, you're even more alluringly vulnerable when you're wide open! Now don't waste all that energy squirming and making noise, Kylie, because I'm not kinky. I just wanted to make sure you weren't hiding any trinkets in your pussy!"

How lucky is Cherie DeVille? The lustful blonde MILF's been presented with a priceless gift in the form of statuesque beauty Tomi Taylor; Tomi wouldn't ordinarily allow a wicked woman like Cherie to fondle and lick her breasts but since she's standing bound, gagged and naked, she really doesn't have a vote in the matter! Cherie has a ball tugging on Tomi's crotch-rope and smacking her fine ass while the tape-gagged bondage toy moans!

Cherie showed Tomi no mercy, so when the tables are turned by a cynical voyeur, towering dark- haired Tomi pays back Cherie with interest! Now, stripped of her clothing, it's the busty blonde who stands trussed and tethered to a chain while vengeful Tomi ungently caresses her naked body! After emphasizing Cherie's powerless plight by pulling her hair, Tomi completes this dominant mission by towering over the bound nude so she can hide whimpering Cherie's tape- gagged face between her bare breasts!

ID #: FB-436