The Deal Is You're Bound And Gagged - DVD
48 Minutes, Seven Models

When Kylie Sinner gets incautiously inquisitive, the results are predictable: The combination of efficiently applied white rope and an intrusive black cleave-gag renders sexy snooper Kylie incommunicado on the kitchen floor! Kylie's escape-oriented gyrations result in an addition to her bondage that leaves the barefoot and bare-breasted brunette folded onto her hip!

Hot secretaries Whitney Westgate and Blake Eden tried to play the PI game, but their opponent was more than a match for their amateur efforts so bondage was the inevitable outcome! Whitney and Blake soon sit next to each other on the floor, their blouses coiled with rope and their lips spread by thick black cleave-gags; as they struggle, the girls' skirts hike up their long panty-hosed legs! Moved onto a futon and seated facing each other, Blake and Whitney, now bare- breasted and deprived of their shoes, stretch out their stockinged feet until their legs are constricted by tethers.

Keira Nicole and Karter Foxx are on their way to a party when conscientious Keira insists that they stop at her office so she can add the finishing touch to an important project. But they encounter other visitors to the office whose motives are more sinister, so Karter and Keira are trussed-up in their party dresses and heels and gagged with duct tape! Seated on the office desk, Karter kicks off her shoes and attempts to loosen Keira's wrist ropes with her toes as the tall blonde sits bound to a chair. When the vigilant villains catch them in the act, Keira's folded into a hip-tie on the floor, while Karter squirms in the same restraint on the desk; both party-girls are bare- breasted and barefoot!

Alluring Kylie Sinner plays a very different role as a kinky thief who overpowers petite PI Maddy Rose; once Maddy's lying hogtied on a couch, shameless Kylie tickles her vulnerable size-5 stockinged soles! Released from the hogtie, Maddy whimpers behind her tape-gag as Kylie bares and fondles her breasts, then sneaks a hand between her legs before the dominant beauty lifts the little blonde in her arms and carries her off!

Through no fault of her own, Holly Manning gets more than a little tied-up at the office, but Holly's unwilling to just sit bound and gagged in her chair! When she notices that her phone's still on the desk, Holly lifts her legs up and kicks it onto the floor. After slipping off her heels, the resourceful young woman attempts to activate the phone with her bare toes, but she's caught before she can call for help. With her ankles tethered to the chair, Holly's unable to do anything but swivel hopelessly and murmur in frustration.

ID #: SB-139