They're Bound, They're Gagged, They're Hot! - DVD
50 Minutes, Eight Models

After cornering a tied and gagged Blake Eden, who's been on the run in her nighty, a hooded nightmare seats her on a black platform and ties her ankles, then rolls her on her stomach for some mean-spirited sole tickling! Sweet Blake struggles desperately after her tormentor leaves, but she's not alone for long because he soon returns carrying Shyla Jennings; the petite brunette's also bound, tape-gagged and nighty-clad! After seating Shyla next to Blake, the tireless villain coils rope around her chest, then bares the breasts of both enticing housemates! He relaxes momentarily to enjoy their contortions before completing his nefarious mission by hogtying them, then after teasing both pairs of soft soles, the mysterious figure abandons Shyla and Blake to their energetic yet futile arching!

When she was confronted by the shocking sight of her friend Kylie Sinner sitting bound and gagged on the living room sofa, Maddy Rose acted quickly and efficiently by untying Kylie, then hurrying with her out of the room. They were almost out the door when their escape was rudely interrupted and they were escorted back to the sofa where petite blonde Maddy and buxom brunette Kylie soon sat in identical bondage and murmured to each other behind microfoam tape gags! Later, their legs drawn up on the sofa by waist-ankle tethers, the barefoot and bare-breasted pair strained hopelessly against their bonds and wondered how everything went so wrong!

No wonder Holly Manning caught the eye of an unscrupulous collector who brought her home to his lair; in her sparkling red top, denim capris and provocative pumps, Holly's a sight to inspire even the unimaginative! And the host who's invited Holly to be his guest in ropes certainly appreciates her potential for damselhood; after she first stands bound, gagged and carefully balancing on her heels, Holly's lowered to the floor. Barefoot and folded onto her hip, the enticing brunette twists in frustration and mumbles protests behind the tape that covers her lips!

From her bright blue eyes to her perky pink toenails, Whitney Westgate's one luscious bound and gagged nude, who's temporarily sidelined from her ordinary activities as she sits wriggling against the headboard of her bed! Whitney's gyrations grow bolder, as she sprawls on her stomach and even briefly edges off the bed and stands next to it before she's returned to the headboard and folded into an enticing naked package!

Go ahead -- try to resist the allure of bound blondes in , especially when the fair-haired heroines are Kenna James and Lena Shelby! Sitting side-by- side on a wooden chest in apprehensive submission, Kenna and Lena mouth matching white cleaves, but strive against contrasting rope webs. Kenna's summery white dress is coiled in black; Lena's colorful psychedelic print can't resist knotty white. The spunky pair don't surrender easily, but must endure a final embarrassment after their breasts are bared and they writhe barefoot in hip- ties on the floor!

ID #: FB-437