Action Lady Captured! - DVD
62 Minutes, One Model

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods!
Starring Carissa Montgomery with Jon Woods & Lorelei Mission

As this exciting "Action Lady" adventure begins, our titular heroine (Carissa Montgomery) is trapped at Ch√Ęteau d'Stresse by her nemesis, Mistress Van Pelt. The cruel villainess instructs her henchman to thoroughly bind the busty crimebuster. Action Lady is ballgagged and bound into a snug balltie (all shown completely onscreen) and the henchman pulls open her flight attendant uniform to bare her breasts. Then the Mistress makes her escape, leaving Action Lady alone to helplessly struggle.

But Action Lady is rescued from her desperate dilemma by an old foe: the corporate spy "Vibert." The villain can hardly believe his luck: he's found his prey tied, gagged and powerless to stop him, and moreover he has six days to find out the information he needs from his luscious captive. Our plucky heroine is defiant, but the master of corporate espionage is confident he can break Action Lady's will. The gorgeous champion of justice is stripped down to her lingerie, silenced with a wrap-gag and bound on display with her shapely legs wide apart, seated on a trunk (shown onscreen). Vibert exposes her enormous breasts and she squirms and moans in vain... but her ordeal is just beginning!

The days of bondage drag on for Action Lady at the hands of her depraved captor. Dressed only in her panties and a fluffy bathrobe, she's ballgagged and tightly hogtied with a powerful vibrator roped in place between her thighs... and our reluctant damsel can't resist the one-note siren song of the relentless device! As a sexy secretary in miniskirt, blouse, fishnets and high heels, Action Lady is chair-tied and cleavegagged. Soon her legs are tied open, her blouse is opened up and a detective gag is layered over the stuffed cloth gag. The curvaceous adventuress is then stripped naked, scarf- gagged and secured to the bed with neckties, first face-down and then face-up with all her feminine charms unwillingly displayed. On the sixth day Action Lady is cleavegagged and chair-tied with a vibrator securely tied in place. The villain warns her that it will be unpleasant if she doesn't cooperate with him, and he turns on the device. Action Lady tries to be strong, but before long the trussed- up heroine succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But will she surrender to the evil Vibert?

ID #: JW-84
Price: $30.00