Gigi Allens' Vacation Nightmare - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Gorgeous Gigi Allens is looking forward to a relaxing resort vacation; if only Gigi was aware that an ominous character was lurking about the resort on the prowl for beautiful blondes! No question Gigi's a sight to behold in her tight white top that barely conceals her breasts, an even tighter colorful miniskirt and sandals designed to showcase her red-nailed bare feet. All that the villain in the hoodie needs to add is microfoam tape around Gigi's wrists and ankles, plus a few strips across her lips so that the stunned vacationer will stay quiet while her breasts are available for fondling and her feet for mouthing! Alone at last, Gigi writhes on the couch where her confrontation with evil began but is far from ended.

Demoted from the couch, Gigi squirms in front of it on a bright green carpet; rope has replaced tape and the voluptuous damsel has been introduced to the dubious pleasures of the hogtie, while a white cleave spreads her lush lips! Mr. Terrible looms above the securely trussed Gigi, then casually tips her onto her side and pulls down her top for another session of breast-caressing. Gigi's eye-catching bare bottom emerges as her dress rides up, so the nasty oppressor pays tribute by spanking the immobilized beauty!

No more clothes for Gigi, who stands naked and bound in the recessed corner of the room; she's quickly silenced with duct tape by the ruthless man who towers over his Amazonian prey! Her elegantly rope-framed breasts quiver under his fingers and Gigi moans -- is there a hint of arousal in the damsel's emotional reaction to her ? Once he's tired of his latest game, Gigi struggles in solitude against her maddening confinement, even rising on tiptoe until it's obvious that she's trapped! After she sinks onto the floor, Gigi curls up on her hip and continues a resistance that's all too clearly futile!

There's nothing like a little cuddling on the bed to bring a couple closer -- unless one of the couple is an oppressively-bondaged nude and the other is a depraved man who can't keep his hands to himself! Of course, who could resist the temptation of Gigi's rope-webbed breasts -- or the taste of her enticingly-arched naked feet? Rolling on the bed, Gigi marvels at the sight of her roped and gagged image in the mirror and tries to remember what life was like before she became the plaything of this tireless dominator!

All good things must come to an end -- and bad ones too, so the villain makes his exit after placing Gigi's marvelous body in rope restraint one final time and shaping a white tape gag around her luscious mouth. Also a final oral farewell to those so- suckable red toes, then he's out the door, an action Gigi would love to imitate, though she'll have to make her way by wriggling along a shining hardwood floor! As determined as she's beautiful, Gigi's up to the challenge and devotes impressive energy to her effort; finally close to the door, she utters desperate muffled cries for assistance that will undoubtedly bring rescuers to her aid.

ID #: HH-113