They Signed Binding Contracts - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

Standing tall and confident, Tomi Taylor's an imposing figure in her grey jacket and skirt, dark stockings and heels. Tomi's much less impressive after she's trussed-up, tape- gagged and stretched out along the upper steps of a staircase in her stockinged feet, her ankles tethered to the door behind her! The indignant executive's given a brief respite when she's allowed to sit with her back against the wall, but Tomi soon contorts in humiliation on her stomach after she's hogtied!

Something strange going on here -- in the middle of a room jammed with boxes hangs a shiny gold sheet, a sheet that's moving and making noise! The mystery's quickly solved when the gold cloth's's removed to reveal the tiny bound and gagged form of Shyla Jennings; it seems that Shyla's seen something she shouldn't have and is undergoing a novel memory- suppression technique! Firmly bound in her blouse, skirt, hose and heels, the petite secretary sits on the floor hitched to a wooden post; her bright eyes widen as she murmurs behind a microfoam gag. Before the memory-altering event ends, Shyla's breasts are exposed and her small stockinged feet drawn up close to her hip by a waist- ankle tether!

You'd have to be hard-hearted indeed not to sympathize with Karter Foxx as she sits on a bed, her blouse, skirt and pantyhose-clad body oppressed with black rope and her lips sealed with duct tape! As she twists uncomfortably, Karter signals her alarm with a wrinkled brow and worried eyes; the tape muffles her calls for help. Karter's apprehension grows after her breasts are bared and her pumps are stolen, but it's only after she's hogtied and arching in futility that the brown-eyed little secretary understands that she won't be freed anytime soon!

Frilly pink blouse, tight black skirt, sheer pantyhose, shiny black pumps and a pair of eyeglasses -- Cadey Mercury couldn't be a more adorably enticing secretary in ! Because Cadey's definitely in a bind, sitting tethered to a wooden chair and gagged with a black cleave after she was caught playing detective! Mischievous fingers remove the petite brunette's glasses, then Cadey's bare breasts and stockinged feet emerge, but she never stops battling her bondage like a true heroine!

Avery Moon's integrity proved troublesome to an embezzling boss, so he retained gorgeous enr Gigi Allens to "reason" with the pretty accountant. Gigi's method of rational negotiation began by tightening rope around slender Avery's black pin-striped suit and black panty-hosed legs! Gagged first with microfoam, then duct tape, Avery writhed in disbelief as she sat in an armchair, then in alarm after Gigi arranged the bound girl on her knees against the chair arm. In that position, Avery's bare breasts and stockinged feet were vulnerable to Gigi's wicked fingers; after this intense encounter with the ruthless blonde, the intimidated Avery admitted to her boss that her calculations were mistaken after all!

ID #: SB-140