Costume Games With Ropes And Gags - DVD
51 Minutes, Six Models

Bound, gagged and carried into the room by a hooded evildoer, petite superheroine Silver Thrush (Shyla Jennings) becomes tempting bait for her costumed compatriot, the Crimson Nightingale (Blake Eden)! When the Nightingale falls into his trap, the booted blonde's red costume is coiled with rope and her lips sealed with duct tape as she stands next to her seated partner. Watching Thrush and Nightingale struggling side-by-side in his clutches, the villain savors their plight...but the story's not over yet!

It may be the 21st century, but when harem girls mouth off, they still have to be silenced -- by a pair of pink panties in the case of Samantha Hayes! Defiant Samantha's already seated in bondage on top of a kitchen island when the mouth- packing's applied and tied in place, then wriggles indignantly while kicking up her toe-tied bare feet! Silky-haired Samantha's gag is reduced to a simple cleave after several minutes, but her discipline continues when her mobility's limited by another piece of ropework folding her legs.

When Cat-Burglar Cadey Mercury presented the painting she'd stolen to her client, she expected a $50K payoff. But the stingy client decided it would be a lot cheaper to take the painting and leave clever Cadie bound and tape-gagged! The nasty fellow couldn't resist humiliating the crestfallen Cat by unmasking her, baring her breasts and feet, then stashing Cadie in an empty fireplace!

Gigi Allens has an unusual hobby -- collecting barmaids! Her latest acquisition is willowy and wide-eyed brunette Avery Moon, who stands bound, tape- gagged and barefoot in her colorful costume while she apprehensively awaits the arrival of her Amazonian owner! Tethered to a cabinet, Avery twists and murmurs in disbelief while Gigi lustfully bares and fondles her breasts, then pulls down her panties so the gorgeous blonde dom can spank her plaything's beckoning bare bottom!

Arrayed in a glistening lilac gown, Chloe Amour stands against the post of a stairway railing; an elaborately decorated hat sits on Chloe's head while her sandaled bare toes peek out from under her gown. Chloe might seem the picture of 18th-century gentility if it weren't for the multiple black ropes pinning her against the pillar and the white tape covering her lips! There's no question about Chloe's transformation into an imed heroine after she's lowered onto the hardwood floor and folded onto her hip by a waist-ankle tether; barefoot and bare-breasted, Chloe writhes in ladylike desperation!

ID #: CB-80