The Name Game - DVD
47 Minutes, Two Models

Their names were similar; otherwise, all Alexa Grace and Alex Grey had in common was that they were blonde, beautiful, and trapped in bondage!

Bound and blindfolded, Alexa Grace sat on a mattress with a phone pressed against her mouth; she'd been ordered to contact her ultra-wealthy husband and tell him he'd have to pay $5 million to get her back. Bewildered by her plight, Alexa tried to tell the shadowy figures who'd grabbed her off the street that they had the wrong person, but their only response was to tie a cloth between her lips! Perhaps they had screwed up, but the final decision about Alexa's identity would have to be made by the mastermind behind this scheme. Unnerved by the situation, the unhappy henchmen vented on Alexa by altering her restraint until she lay barefoot, tape-gagged and tethered into immobility on the mattress!

Meanwhile, not far away, a petite and pretty girl named Alex Grey found herself in a shockingly similar predicament. On her way to a night of partying, Alex had been scooped up and taken to a distant location where she stood trussed-up and supported by a rope and chain connection; innocently clad in white, the little blonde chewed on a thick black gag! When the cloth was finally removed, Alex tried to convince the woman holding her that a terrible mistake had been made. Another blunder? Just like Alexa, Alex would have to wait while matters were clarified; lowered to the floor and tape-gagged, she strained against the ropework that oppressed her small body!

Alexa and Alex finally met when the bickering thugs responsible for their brought them together. Although they sat next to each other only a foot apart, communication was difficult as a result of their ball-gags; roped to the chairs in bra and panties, the two baffled pawns in a confusing name game murmured back and forth as they writhed. After the near-namesakes were caught plucking at temptingly nearby knots, they were lifted onto the chairs and positioned face-to-face on their knees, wrists tethered to ankles!

As time passed with no resolution of the baffling situation, Alex and Alexa's impatient hosts were ordered to move them from the thrift-store where they were being held to a new location. There, the pathetic pair lost their lingerie and lay tied face-down on a bed, hitched to the headboard and gagged with microfoam tape. Both desperate girls arched and rolled on their stomachs until they were freed from the headboard only to be folded onto their hips by waist- ankle tethers!

Before long, Alex and Alexa were on the move again; dazed by their bizarre experience, the naked girls sat at either end of a low black platform, gagged with duct tape and once more securely bound. In a touching expression of the emotional connection they'd made, Alexa and Alex leaned close to each other despite the distance between them and the ropes linking them to the platform's legs. At last, the embarrassed evildoers admitted that they'd both slipped up -- their disgusted boss's intended target was a trophy wife named Alexis Graham! If the unfortunate young women expected apologies for such appalling sloppiness, however, they were bitterly disappointed. Instead they were bundled into cross-ankled hogties and left to their own devices by the soon-to-be- unemployed crooks, who hurried away unconcerned by the trouble they'd caused by their exercise in mistaken identity!

ID #: HH-115